TeamViewer is available for people around the world. Before using the software, each user has to accept the TeamViewer EULA and the DPA.

The term EULA stands for End-User License Agreement.

The term DPA stands for Data Processing Agreement.

This article applies to all TeamViewer users.

Accept EULA and DPA

When downloading any module of TeamViewer, a PopUp is prompted. This PopUp allows users to show, print and save the TeamViewer EULA and the TeamViewer DPA:

Before being able to use TeamViewer the tick-box for I accept the EULA and DPA must be activated.

Without accepting the EULA and DPA the usage of TeamViewer is not possible.

Access EULA and DPA

You can find the EULA and the DPA here:

The EULA is also linked in the footer of all Community pages and all pages on the TeamViewer homepage at

1. Community


Changes to the EULA and DPA

We send all holders of a TeamViewer Account Service Emails for updates and changes of the EULA and DPA.

📌Please note: TeamViewer is obliged to inform TeamViewer Account holders about important changes regarding our products, your contract or business transactions. Therefore, it is not possible to unsubscribe from such Service Emails.