Before deploying TeamViewer on your devices, it is important to choose which settings you want to be applied to your deployed TeamViewer clients.

This article applies to Corporate and Tensor license holders who want to deploy TeamViewer (14 or newer) on their Windows devices.

How to manage settings via policies (recommended)

We highly recommend managing settings via TeamViewer policies. TeamViewer policies allow you to control and manage most of the settings centrally. For more information about TeamViewer policies, please check the article below:

📄 TeamViewer Policies

How to manage settings via the SETTINGSFILE

You can also apply TeamViewer (Classic) settings via the SETTINGSFILE. The settingsfile defines the configuration of your TeamViewer installation.

It contains all the TeamViewer (Classic) settings you want to apply to your deployment.

📌Note: If you don't use the SETTINGSFILE parameter in your deployment, a standard TeamViewer version without any specific option will be installed.

To apply the SETTINGSFILE to your deployment, you will need to:

1) Export the SETTINGSFILE

To export the settings file, please follow the instructions below:

Alternatively, you can also follow our step-by-step guide here:

📄 Export settings for Host deployment

2) Insert the settings file parameter into your command

To apply the settings file parameter to your command, you will need to insert the following parameter:


📌Note: In this example, we have named the settings file settings.tvopt - If you have used another name, you must adjust the command accordingly. For example: if you have named the settings file MySettings.tvopt, you will need to use the command SETTINGSFILE="[Path_To]\MySettings.tvopt"

Therefore, your deployment command line could look like this:

msiexec.exe /i "[Path_To]\TeamViewer_Host.msi" /qn SETTINGSFILE="[Path_To]\settings.tvopt" CUSTOMCONFIGID=xxxxxx APITOKEN=xxxxxx ASSIGNMENTOPTIONS="--alias %ComputerName% --grant-easy-access"

or like this:

msiexec.exe /i "[Path_To]\TeamViewer_Host.msi" /qn SETTINGSFILE="[Path_To]\settings.tvopt" CUSTOMCONFIGID=xxxxxx
ping -n 31>nul
[Path_To]\TeamViewer.exe assign --api-token xxxxxx --grant-easy-access