With the TeamViewer Mobile Software Development Kit (SDK) you can integrate TeamViewer remote access and remote control functionalities into your mobile apps to optimize your companies customer support services.

The SDK enables you to have secure and GDPR compliant access to your customer's devices.

All connections are exclusively accessing information within your companies app and not the entire mobile device. That means also incoming push notifications are not visible for the connected supporter.

This article applies to TeamViewer customers with Tensor Basic, Tensor Pro, or Tensor Support/Tensor Support Concurrent licenses with Mobile SDK Add-On.


To use the TeamViewer SDK in your companies app, you need the following

  • A TeamViewer Tensor in version 15.11 or higher
  • Tensor Basic, Tensor Pro, or Tensor Support/Tensor Support Concurrent licenses with Mobile SDK Add-On are required
  • SDK Token from Management Console
  • Your own app for your customers, users, or employees
  • A development team integrating the TeamViewer SDK into your app
  • Support staff connecting to your customers via TeamViewer

Your customers do not need a separate installation as all needed functionalities for remote access/control are being delivered within your app.

Features and User experience

We put our focus on the functionality, and you can enjoy a white-labeled remote support solution. 

Your customers will not recognize that you are using TeamViewer as a third-party product for remote control. This allows you to showcase your brand in the best possible way and you can remain within and use your app workflow and UI.

Here is a list of supported features of the Mobile SDK:

  • Screen sharing
  • Remote Control (Android only)
  • Mouse click
  • Mouse movement
  • Transferring files from SDK to Supporter

Apart from screen sharing, all features are optional.

Stay tuned for more features that are coming soon!

How to retrieve the SDK

If you are interested in integrating TeamViewer into your own app to provide a seamless customer support experience, please contact our Support Team via telephone or ticket system.

Our Support agents will provide you with the SDK individually.

Integrating the SDK

Once you receive the SDK from the TeamViewer Support team, your development teams can integrate TeamViewer into your companies app.

Here is an example integration of the mobile SDK in an Android app: TravelApp 

📌Please keep in mind that the TeamViewer Development and Support teams can not integrate the SDK for you.