Managed Users are any users within your company profile independently whether the user has a license assigned or not. Managed users are visible in the User management tab in the Management Console.

As a Premium, Corporate, or Tensor customer, you assign your license to users within your company profile to allow them to work with your license. With this, you ensure you administer your license and staff efficiently.

As a Tensor customer, you can assign two different kinds of users: 

  1. Remote Workers
  2. Tensor Agents

Please talk to your Account Manager to find the best setup for your company.

This article applies to TeamViewer (Classic) Premium, Corporate and Tensor customers.

User Management Feature

In the User Management tab, you can:

  • assign the license to your users
  • define the permission set per user
  • adjust different TeamViewer settings for your users (e.g. connection reporting)
  • name additional administrators
  • share groups with your staff