After-sales service solutions

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After-sales support solutions
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83% of customers expect an immediate response to their service request

Meet customer expectations, build lasting relationships, and maintain the excellence of your products by providing digitally enhanced after-sales service. 

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Key after-sales challenges

  • Labor shortage. With a lack of skilled talent and high employee training costs, delivering a seamless service experience can be challenging. 
  • Increasing complexity. Using multiple tools along the after-sales value chain can lead to inefficient resource allocation and reduced productivity. 
  • Costly downtime. An hour of unplanned downtime costs companies an average of USD 260,000.
  • Sustainability demands. Reducing emissions is necessary to meet sustainability goals and ensure the longevity of your business. 
  • Distance. As your customer base grows and becomes more dispersed, responding immediately to each customer’s needs is difficult.

Deliver excellent customer service without leaving your desk

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Three ways to serve customers remotely

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Guide on-site workers in solving issues with AR remote assistance

See what the person on site sees. Guide them through troubleshooting processes via augmented reality (AR) supported video calls. 

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Empower on-site staff with interactive AR guidance

Enable on-site workers to solve common issues. Visualize instructions with AR so users can follow them step by step on their mobile or wearable devices.

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Connect to machines and devices and troubleshoot remotely

Access and control connected devices to resolve issues as if you were on site — even when there’s no one present on the remote side.

Find an after-sales service solution that’s just right for your business.

Customer Success: Cimbali Group

After-sales remote access

Cimbali Group reduced time-to-resolution by 20% with TeamViewer

  • 20% increase in technician efficiency
  • 15% reduction in service travel costs
  • Significant reduction in costly machine downtime
Customer Success: Krones

After-sales augmented reality

Krones AG optimized maintenance and communication with AR technology by TeamViewer

  • Immediate and efficient customer support
  • Significant reduction in plant downtime
  • Improved first time fix rate

Award-winning software for both individuals and companies

Proven benefits of TeamViewer’s after-sales solution

Reduced travel costs for Bühler

20% fewer field service calls at Toyota Germany

Instant knowledge capture at Ford Motor Company

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