TeamViewer App for AWS WorkSpaces

The TeamViewer integration for AWS WorkSpaces enables remote support to and from your virtual desktop device.

Reasons to enable TeamViewer for AWS WorkSpaces


With TeamViewer, you can easily establish a secure remote control session from or to your Amazon WorkSpace. No matter if you want to connect from any device to your Workspace or from the Workspace to any desktop or mobile device, with TeamViewer this is possible with just a few clicks. With TeamViewer for AWS, you are not limited to your virtual client anymore. Take advantage of remote support, remote access, and online collaboration via a leading solution.


  • Access and downloads. With TeamViewer, you can easily connect to another desktop or mobile device and completely control any remote computer as if you were sitting right in front of it
  • Receive online support from your helpdesk / IT staff
  • Host online meetings including VoIP, chat, whiteboard, file transfer, and video conferencing
  • Collaborate with your teams and clients by sharing documents, and work together on the same device
  • Use apps that do not work on your workstation by remotely controlling other devices in real time
  • Deploy TeamViewer for any number of cloud-desktop end users with just a few clicks in the AWS Management Console
  • All connections are fully encrypted

Get started: Locate the TeamViewer app in the AWS WorkSpaces Marketplace

Simply download the app within the AWS WorkSpaces Marketplace, and then follow the steps to purchase the required TeamViewer license directly in the AWS WorkSpaces Marketplace.

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