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IT/OT Convergence

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IT/OT Convergence • TeamViewer IoT

IT/OT convergence comprises the integration of information technology (IT) systems, e.g. for the use of data-centric calculations, with operating technology (OT) systems, e.g. the monitoring of machines, events, and processes. How can you use IT/OT convergence in concrete terms and, above all, what are the benefits?

With TeamViewer IoT you will find out quickly. Our solution combines IT applications (including cloud applications) with comprehensive remote access capabilities for OT – the ideal basis for extending functionalities towards the store floor. And through the use of new technologies, such as augmented reality, digital twins or predictive maintenance, also a significant contribution to the digital transformation of the industry.

Main functions

  • Remote access
    Remote display of device data
  • Remote control / operation
    (Real-time) control during running production
  • Remote support
    Remote access as off-site assistance for operators
  • Remote maintenance
    Access outside of the production process (to manage, maintain, and optimize IoT devices and systems)
  • Remote alarming
    Monitoring of variables (e.g. measured values) & automatic triggering of defined actions (if defined threshold values are exceeded/not met)

By the way, the presentation of data in dashboards, which can be accessed via web client and mobile, runs independently of the application and control programming of the IoT device.

The advantages for you as a manufacturer:

  • Remote access, maintenance, and control of automation technology on the shop floor
  • Higher efficiency of machines and systems
  • Cost reduction in service and maintenance
  • Fast return on investment (ROI)
  • Improvement of the long-term total costs of ownership (TCO)
  • Use of a highly scalable and globally available solution

Integrated APIs and intelligent wizards simplify the setup of TeamViewer IoT, including the integration of measured values, process data, and status information in third-party applications.

Learn more: IT/OT Convergence

Learn more: IT/OT Convergence

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