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Programmable logic controller

Full remote access.

PLC • TeamViewer IoT

If one of your production machines fails for unforeseeable reasons, the root cause investigation will often turn out to be time consuming and costly. The TeamViewer IoT integration in IBHsoftec products allows you to connect to any programmable logic controller (PLC) directly, securely, and remotely without VPN, travel time, and extra costs.

  • Faster problem solving
    Monitor your production processes from all over the world and intervene immediately in case of problems.
  • Seamless plug & play integration
    Integrate TeamViewer into your existing infrastructure – without firewall manipulation or VPN. connection.
  • Secure connection
    Protect your PLC with highly secure end-to-end encryption and device access management.
  • Fast remote connection
    Use the pre-installed and pre-configured TeamViewer integration for fast remote data visualization or remote programming of your PLC.
  • Cross-platform & cross-device compatibility
    Connect platforms and devices for remote control, regardless of the device type/model.

By the way, existing modules of IHBsoftec can be equipped with TeamViewer Agent via update. This solution can help you connect new and old machines, for example, to IoT infrastructures. All modules with the pre-installed TeamViewer Agent are available with a one-year term TeamViewer IoT license.

Which control systems are supported?

The IBH-Link-UA-modules can communicate with all common control systems. Our TeamViewer software executes directly on the gateway and can control and read out connected machines, regardless of the software used.

Learn more: programmable logic controller

Learn more: programmable logic controller

TeamViewer IoT

Secure remote access, control, and monitoring for all your devices and machines,
even from within many IoT Platform, solutions and on IoT hardware.

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