Maintenance 4.0 | TeamViewer IoT

Maintenance 4.0

Predictive analytics, automation, and remote management.

Maintenance 4.0 • TeamViewer IoT

Learn how TeamViewer’s IoT and CADA model can support you in revolutionizing your maintenance strategy and move from rigid machine maintenance plans to a flexible, wear-based model.

Increase maintenance efficiency while reducing machine downtime and repair costs with TeamViewer IoT.

Increase machine productivity by 25%, reduce machine downtime by 70%, and cut machine maintenance costs by 25%.

The TeamViewer IoT solution enables you to understand the current machine status of all connected systems. By monitoring machine and sensor data in real time, you can perform predictive analysis and forecast the expected state of degradation.

And that is not all by any means. You also benefit from many other advantages:

Capture real-time data from all connected machines and sensors

Apply predictive analysis to real-time machine and sensor data

Predict the future status of all connected machines

Switch from rigid maintenance plans to flexible maintenance

Efficient, predictive maintenance planning

Control your machines remotely

Use TeamViewer’s unique predictive maintenance solution and precisely monitor the repair needs of your machine. You can optimally plan maintenance intervals and replace only necessary parts of your machine. Minimize your machine downtimes and reduce the MTBR (mean-time-between-repair) while increasing the MTTF (mean-time-to-failure).

TeamViewer IoT Predictive Maintenance Solution Brief

Download Solution Brief: Predictive Maintenance

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