Remote Assistance

TeamViewer IoT
for Remote Assistance

Detect, analyze, and resolve issues on your IoT endpoints remotely
reducing mean time to repair (MTTR) and cutting maintenance costs.

Why Remote Assistance?

Remote Assistance enables you to detect, diagnose, and fix issues on IoT endpoints remotely – so you can resolve problems faster either remotely or by a more targeted deployment of your support staff.

The value of IoT Remote Assistance for your business

Decrease downtime through faster incident management and immediate remediation

Cut down cost per repair by deploying appropriate field technicians


How TeamViewer IoT can help you

TeamViewer helps businesses quickly set up secure remote assistance for distributed devices with an easy-to-use, secure, and scalable IoT solution.


Get started immediately

TeamViewer IoT can be installed on your endpoints immediately. No complicated VPN setup required. No interruption to your operations. The TeamViewer IoT Starter Kit allows you to start small and test your concepts—without a big upfront investment.


Flexibly integrate and customize your IoT solution

Compatible with most widely used protocols, TeamViewer IoT easily integrates into several third-party platforms using TeamViewer’s SDK and ready-to-use APIs.


Secure your data

With TeamViewer IoT for Remote Assistance, your company will benefit from the highest security standards, including end-to-end-encryption – no one, including TeamViewer, can read the encrypted data stream.


Benefit from our predictable pricing model

TeamViewer offers a simple pricing model with a predictable endpoint-based fee for the most common IoT use cases.


How is IoT Remote Assistance used across industries?

TeamViewer IoT is a powerful tool for IoT incident management. It enables companies across industries to use remote management, diagnostics, and control functionalities to solve issues faster.


Dispatch the best fit technician, equipped with the right spare parts based on a remote analysis of production machine issues.

Building &

Reduce downtime of mission critical equipment (e.g., elevators) by fixing issues remotely or by assisting remotely in emergency or critical situations.

Utilities – Renewable Energy

Fix devices and machine issues (e.g., electric vehicle charging stations) instantaneously through remote assistance, regardless of how dispersed they are.

Logistics &

Analyze root causes of incidents of connected cars, trucks, or ships remotely, and provide assistance to the staff on the ground to fix issues.

Learn More About TeamViewer IoT for Remote Assistance

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