Remote Operations

TeamViewer IoT
for Remote Operations

Remotely control and centrally manage IoT endpoints, saving field force costs and boosting daily operational efficiencies.

Why Remote Operations?

Remote Operations is the ability to control, monitor, and manage your endpoints in the field from any location.
It enables you to perform changes remotely and investigate endpoint status in real time, reducing the need for on-site visits.

The value of IoT Remote Operations for your business

Save field force costs by checking and changing IoT endpoint settings remotely, reducing the need for on-site visits

Ensure machines run at optimal performance and mitigate endpoint damage risks by remotely controlling settings, parameters, and attributes


How TeamViewer IoT can help you

TeamViewer helps businesses quickly set up secure remote operations for distributed devices with an easy-to-use, secure, and scalable IoT solution.


Get started immediately

TeamViewer IoT can be installed on your endpoints immediately. No complicated VPN setup required. No interruption to your operations. The TeamViewer IoT Starter Kit allows you to start small and test your concepts—without a big upfront investment.


Flexibly integrate and customize your IoT solution

Compatible with most widely used protocols, TeamViewer IoT easily integrates into several third-party platforms using TeamViewer’s SDK and ready-to-use APIs.


Secure your data

With TeamViewer IoT for Remote Operations, your company will benefit from the highest security standards, including end-to-end-encryption – no one, including TeamViewer, can read the encrypted data stream.


Benefit from our predictable pricing model

TeamViewer offers a simple pricing model with a predictable endpoint-based fee for the most common IoT use cases.


How is IoT Remote Operations used across industries?

Endpoints — equipment, machines, or devices —can be found in all industries today and typically require costly manual on-site management —a cost that can be significantly reduced with the ability to remotely operate and monitor your machinery.


Decrease your factory downtime by operating and servicing your manufacturing machines remotely, enabling employees to boost productivity.

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Building &

Change device settings on cooling/heating or lighting systems; or manage digital signage remotely – reducing manual effort, cutting energy costs, and saving resources.

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Utilities – Renewable Energy

Centrally evaluate system performance and ensure optimal functioning of your renewable energy equipment (e.g., windmills, solar panels) no matter how far away or geographically dispersed they are.

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Logistics &

Conduct the majority of required freight ship health checks while traveling, and schedule field service maintenance in a more cost efficient way.

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