Monitoring and maintaining machines with Wenzel Group

Discover how Wenzel Group works with TeamViewer to maximize factory production.

Transforming into centers of innovation

Make factories smarter with TeamViewer

Manufacturers are integrating system-wide IoT data from tangible, operational, and human assets to achieve maximum production uptime, and predict and adapt to changes, which leads to a greater competitive edge in the marketplace.

Developing Smart Factories

Leverage TeamViewer IoT to…


machine productivity

Our solution gives you remote control over robots and machinery, so you can optimize production speed, sustain product quality assurance, and get products to market faster.


your factory to changing business loads

Set normal behavior baselines and report events that deviate from them. Our solution will enforce any dynamic thresholds according to your business load variance.


operational efficiency

Remote monitoring features present real-time data in visual form, helping reduce wear and tear and extend capital equipment lifecycle functionality for a better return on total assets (ROA).

Carry out

preventative maintenance

TeamViewer IoT alerts you to potential problems during production or through the digital twin. Our remote access feature allows you to connect with the machine and resolve difficulties before they lead to costly business disruptions.

Integrated and intelligent

Remotely monitor and manage your factories with TeamViewer.

As customer demands increase, factories need to respond in step. TeamViewer enhances communication between industrial networks and systems.

TeamViewer IoT delivers integrated dashboards, that provide instant access for remote control, data capture, and support. Intelligent notifications, alerting, and reporting lead to better decision-making, faster production cycles, and overall improved quality.

Discover how Kunbus manages factories with TeamViewer IoT

Working in partnership with Kunbus, TeamViewer is extending into the IoT marketplace to provide an integrated IoT gateway for smart factories.

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