TeamViewer IoT – Starter Guide

Your IoT Journey Has Begun

For a painless start, check out our IoT starter guide below.

Six Simple Steps to Get Started

Select “Devices”, then choose “Add Device”.

Select the device type you want to connect to: A command line is now created at the bottom of your TeamViewer IoT account.

Connect your edge device to your local network (follow the guidelines provided by the device manufacturer).

Open a remote terminal or use the native terminal of your device.

Follow the steps as indicated in the terminal. Allow a few minutes for registration.

You’ll now find your device in the TeamViewer cloud dashboard.

Got it! Now What Can I Do with IoT?

Whether you’re a student wanting to test if your IoT idea works, a professional wanting to excite your company with a proof of concept or a housewife with a geeky disposition, you can start your IoT project today free of charge. To inspire you, here are some real-life examples of TeamViewer IoT being used to control and monitor industrial devices.

Remote Monitoring of Water Pump

This video shows a water pump prototype co-developed by National Instruments and Teamviewer. Our IoT solution is not only used to receive and monitor data on pressure, vibration and voltage, but also to securely operate the pump remotely.

Remote Control of Robotic Arm

This video shows a robotic arm controlled and monitored by TeamViewer IoT. Robotic arms are deployed in many places including factories with hazardous work environments and sterile clean-room environments, where every person entering is a risk of contamination. With TeamViewer IoT implemented, companies using robotic arms can optimize processes while reducing risks and downtimes.

Customer Success Stories

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