TeamViewer for Non-Profits:

How We Can Help You

Whether global or local, your non-profit organisation exists to help make this world a better place. Technical issues should not mess with that. Here’s how TeamViewer for non-profits can help you help others.

How to Apply for Our Non-Profit Discount

Our mission is to help people help others and that ties perfectly into the work non-profit organisations are doing. That is why we are proud to offer our software at a discount price for non-profits. Applying is this easy:


Fill out the below form: Tell us a bit about your non-profit organisation and what you are planning to use TeamViewer for.



Our sales team will get back to you to let you know if you qualify for a non-profit software discount and to help you find the solution(s) that best fit your needs.



If you are interested, we create a success story together showcasing how your organisation works with TeamViewer directly on our global website and relevant other channels.

Application for Non-Profit Discount

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Instantly Fix IT Issues so You Can Focus on Your Cause

When someone in your organisation faces an IT issue, what do they do? With TeamViewer, your IT expert doesn’t have to be nearby to be able to help. S/he can remotely access and take control of the malfunctioning computer, mobile, or tablet to instantly fix the problem so your people can focus on the cause.

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Raise Awareness with a Peak-Performance Website

Chances are that your organisation depends on a website to communicate your cause and raise funds for it. How do you prevent downtime, poor performance, and malicious attacks? TeamViewer Remote Management includes tools to help you keep your website running at peak performance ensuring good availability in more than 30 countries worldwide while proactively preventing attacks and malfunctions.

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Provide Borderless Education

If you’re working in the educational sector, your students might not always be able to come to a physical school. TeamViewer Classroom empowers you to reach any student with a computer and an internet connection. Prepare and teach high-quality classes, share real-time whiteboard notes, assign tasks, have student work in separate groups, and more – all in a fully online classroom.

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Use Augmented Reality to Help Remote Communities

Train and aid local team or community members in setting up and keeping essential machinery running (e. g. medical equipment, water supply systems). Use TeamViewer Assist AR to share a live video stream where a remote expert can place markers, annotations, and more to support the person on the ground in real time.

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NGOs Making a Difference with TeamViewer

Join these and more non-profit organisations that already use TeamViewer to support their valuable work.

Who is Eligible for Our Non-Profit Discount?

Your organisation must be a non-governmental institution serving the greater good of a global or local community to qualify for our non-profit software discount. Furthermore, you may not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, political affiliation or beliefs, sexual orientation, or gender identity or expression.

If you’re not sure whether your organisation qualifies, simply apply and we will reach out to you to define if you are eligible.

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