TeamViewer Pilot

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Here you will find a complete overview of all TeamViewer products and subscription plans, including the differences between the individual plans.

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Features Offered

TeamViewer Pilot

Named user license (Expert)

Available for renewal only

Session features

AR annotations: arrows, free-hand drawings, text to markers

File sharing

OCR (Optical Character Recognition)


Session recording

Session Invite (SMS, E-mail)

5 SMS/month

One click session request

Real time information sharing & screen sharing

Administration and support

Unlimited sessions

Number of devices to connect from


Connection(s) per user



256 bit AES End-to-End Encryption

Two-factor authentication

Platform coverage

Expert: Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android

Person needing help: iOS, Android

Person needing help: Smart glasses

Remote administration and support

Service Case

Connection Reporting, Call History

Connection Protocol

Connection Billing

User and Device Management

Device management

Single-Sign-On (SSO)

Available through TeamViewer Tensor

User Management

Enhanced Mass Deployment (on top of MSI package)

Available through TeamViewer Tensor

Group sharing

Software integrations

Web API (general application programming interface)

Pre-built software integrations like MS Teams, ServiceNow, Salesforce

Available as Addon


Ability to include customer terms & conditions

Conditional Access Router

Available as Addon

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