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We remove the pain

Why TeamViewer IoT?

We make it simple

Install TeamViewer IoT. Securely register your devices on our network. Switch on live remote control and monitoring. Now your devices are IoT ready and prepared for business.

We make it secure

Your TeamViewer IoT-ready devices, machines, and robots are automatically end-to-end encrypted and protected by RSA public / private key exchange.

We make it perform

Our IoT Global Access Network provides your TeamViewer IoT-ready devices with a secure fabric for high speed data capture and live remote device management at scale.

What can TeamViewer IoT do for you?

Our solution empowers you to remotely control and monitor IoT environments and devices, whenever and wherever. We put human intervention at the heart of technology.

TeamViewer IoT can be used across many industries to build a smart and connected IoT fabric for global business

Smart Building

Enabling smarter energy consumption and optimal facility planning

Smart Farming

Enabling remote farming and in-field support

Smart Factory

Reducing downtime and streamlining interactions between suppliers and customers

Smart Retail

Better tracking customer flow and advertising effectiveness

Think big, move fast, keep it simple.

IoT is a mighty vision, a journey that will take years to complete. The destination seems clear, but how to get there is complex. We believe IoT needs to be simplified to get everyone on board. We focus on three core enablers of IoT to guide you along your journey of helping you create new business models and revenue streams:

Connecting what has never been connected

Our Global Access Network is a technology fabric for those willing to question what’s possible. What are the evolving opportunities in IoT? Where is secure hyperconnectivity taking us? How can we master monitoring and remote control for better decision making?



Augmented Reality


Water Purification

Retail POS



Join our IoT journey

VARs, OEMs, and Integrators are already enjoying how simple it is to integrate TeamViewer IoT into their solutions.

The benefits

  • Direct link into engineering
  • Faster business development and go-to-market
  • Early access to our monitoring and control solutions
  • Connect through our secure Global Access Network

Together with our partners we seek out converging points of common innovation to further improve the IoT environment as a whole. We look forward to partnering with you.

Simple integration with world’s most popular platforms

Cross-compatibility, security, and ease of use make TeamViewer IoT the best-in-breed solution on the market. Connect your device from anywhere, without having to build out complicated VPNs. Click “connect to device” and get going in a matter of moments.

Remote Control

Add a real-time connection to your IoT devices, machines, and robots with our remote control module. See what’s going on from afar; intervene if needed; and remotely steer, adjust, and fine-tune without leaving your seat.


Monitor your machines and sensors with TeamViewer IoT. Our monitoring module helps you manage performance variance as workloads and conditions change. Eliminate potential problems before they impact production.

Do you need more information? Check out our knowledge base.

Global Access Network

A decentralized global design to securely connect, monitor, and control IoT devices and machines from anywhere.

Security for IoT

Security is at the heart of everything we do. Find out more about our IoT security posture.

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