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TeamViewer helps provider of iconic freestanding outdoor digital displays reduce costs, improve customer service, and spur new growth.

Electra-Media, Inc. (EMI) is a custom digital outdoor advertising display firm that designs and creates spectacular outdoor digital signs for major brands and venues across the United States. Based in Los Angeles, EMI works with clients to develop unique dynamic digital campaigns viewed daily by hundreds of thousands of people. The company operates displays at high-profile places such as Arena (formerly the Staples Center), Dignity Health Sports Park, the historic LA Coliseum, and Banc of California Stadium, and manages the digital outdoor signs for national businesses such as AutoNation, Sonic Automotive, Lithia Automotive Group and more.

EMI has built a reputation of a standard of excellence, top quality service, and creative digital display campaigns that have served as invaluable promotional vehicles for high-profile clients.


Each sign has its own proprietary processor and configurations that allow it to operate and receive content updates. For years, EMI relied on mobile technicians who would physically visit each sign to make repairs and resolve communication issues that would prevent EMI content managers and software programmers from sending advertising changes to the signs.

Excessive on-site software troubleshooting of these digital displays with technicians was slow, time-consuming, expensive, and resulted in unacceptable signage down time and hampered company growth plans. EMI found its staff spending too much time dispatching technicians and managing software repair work that technicians weren’t necessary for, which was impacting their ability to provide their promise of industry renown top tier customer support.


EMI uses TeamViewer’s remote access and support solution to connect to and manage their digital signs and advertisements. Team members can safely access each sign and troubleshoot issues from anywhere, at any time, allowing employees to manage content and maintenance requests and conduct software coding from the office or home, during a weekend or holiday, or while working through a pandemic. EMI can also log into a sign at a moment’s notice and receive analytics, providing customers with specifics on the sign’s performance for each campaign with complete accuracy in real time. EMI employees are now better able to manage resources and focus time on creating revenue driving campaigns, collaborating with clients, and facilitating new business as opposed to coordinating software maintenance.

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