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Manchester United

The team relies on enterprise level remote connectivity, for accessing important coaching materials at away matches.

Paul Brand, Head of 1st Team Analysis, Manchester United

Access to our full suite of training materials when we’re travelling is now just easy and gives us more time to focus on the match.

Statistics have long been a part of football. Instead of notepads and eyewitness accounts, algorithms and video technology now count when it comes to collecting and analyzing match data. The Manchester United analyst and coaching team leverages this raw data from all matches, for example, for opponent analysis and performance analysis. Players’ ball contacts, running distances, duels and much more can be video recorded. This data offers advantages in terms of preparation for match play and self-analysis. While on the road for away matches, access to this data and the training material based on it must be ensured.


Previously a lot of preparation time was needed to save, upload and store files to different locations, but there was no uniform approach for the team and files were not always easily accessible when the team was travelling due to unreliable or complicated 3rd party file transfer solutions.


Today, the Manchester United Analysts and Coaching team relies on TeamViewer Tensor, the enterprise level connectivity platform. The team can quickly and securely access files on their Manchester based servers from anywhere in the world. Tensor is also helping them to remotely manage and change content on the videowall displays in the players’ gym. This allows the coaching team to highlight specific video content they’d like the players to focus on during gym sessions.

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