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High-speed sequencing with TeamViewer Frontline

An array of solutions is deployed at WS System: From order picking to assembly support to expert help from remote – almost all TeamViewer Frontline platform solutions are in use.

Initial Situation

WS System GmbH is a highly innovative automotive supplier located in Stuhr, close to Bremen, Germany. The young company offers its industry customers component assembly and product packaging services. Innovation has been a fundamental part of the company’s DNA from the very beginning and digitalization of business processes is a big part of it. Following this philosophy, WS System decided in the year 2014 to improve its assembly processes with TeamViewer Frontline solution xMake and the success story began.

We aimed for a fully integrated Wearable Computing solution that can be used across different business processes. Ubimax (now part of TeamViewer) was able to deliver.

Wassim Saeidi, CEO WS System

Business Challenge

Facing a growing competition from low-wage countries, process quality is crucial for competitive assembly made in Germany. But error-free processes also need to be fast in order to meet high customer requirements. Finally the solution needed to comply with high ergonomic standards that WS System is offering its employees. WS System not only needed a hands-free solution to optimize its assembly process, but also a solution that could simplify the training processes for new employees and that can easily be scaled to further processes.

TeamViewer Frontline Solution

Within few months TeamViewer adapted and implemented the hands-free Make-by-Vision solution xMake on two assembly lines. xMake has been fully integrated into corporate IT landscape via an SPS interface. Each assembly step is now confirmed by external sensors such as scales, light sensors, buttons or video object recognition allowing the quality assurance process to begin already during the assembly. Smart Glasses now guide the worker through the process with intuitive Graphical User Interface and seamlessly integrated assembly step confirmation allows for hands-free working. Today, workers at WS System that are facing a problem at the production line do not need to leave their working space any more to consult with shift leader – they simply call him directly from their Smart Glasses using the xAssist remote support solution and get real-time support to solve the issue.

Convincing Benefits

The introduction of the TeamViewer Frontline solutions resulted in a significant performance increase for the assembly & training processes. Further, the process quality was improved reducing the error rate down to zero. Besides the process speed and the error rate, the ergonomics could be optimized significantly by introducing the hands-free working where it is really needed. The ability to deploy one single device for different use cases resulted in cost savings for hardware and time savings for tool changing process. Finally , cross-process deployment of TeamViewer Frontline solutions in warehouse, assembly and quality assurance with only one device provides WS System desired flexibility for its workforce.







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