Remote Connectivity for Embedded Devices with TeamViewer IoT

Costly support for assets, isolated field operations, heterogeneous environments and devices?

Kick-Start Your Remote Connectivity and Support Project with TeamViewer IoT

TeamViewer IoT opens up new possibilities to transform your business. Connect your smart products with embedded intelligence and IoT capabilities: provide the best after-sales experiences for your customers and reduce costs by maintaining your equipment remotely.

Trusted by Global Organizations

Built on a Trusted Global Backbone

TeamViewer IoT is built on the TeamViewer global access network of over 1,100 routers spanning 200 countries. It allows you to scale quickly and easily with airtight security, low latency, and proven reliability.

Industrial-Grade Security at its Best

Industrial-Grade Security at its Best

  • RSA 4096 Private/Public Key Exchange
  • 256-bit AES Session Encoding
  • https/SSL Protocol
  • Secure Remote Protocol (SRP)
For Original Equipment Manufacturers

For Original Equipment Manufacturers

  • Provide out-of-box support for embedded Linux devices across industries
  • Drive top-line growth with after-sale digital services as an added revenue stream
  • Provide best-in-class after-sales support to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Troubleshoot technical issues remotely to reduce downtime and time-to-response
For Industrial Operations of all Kinds

For Industrial Operations of all Kinds

  • Achieve complete visibility of connected devices
  • Troubleshoot technical issues remotely to reduce downtime and time-to-response
  • Reduce repair and downtime costs through remote operations and service intervention planning
  • Gain a competitive advantage
Optimize Processes. Reduce Costs. Lead with Innovation.

Four use cases that let you save time and generate value.

Remote Access & Control

With remote access and control, operators or OEMs can access an edge device’s network ports through secure connections with full visibility of device performance, settings, user interfaces, and status.

Remote Operations

One-click secure remote access to industrial assets allows instant service intervention to prevent machine downtime and financial losses caused by interrupted production.

Secure Attended Access

Give control back to end-users when allowing remote operators to access the device for a support session.

Device Management

Use an inventory of all connected devices on a single platform to provision, authenticate, configure, maintain, and monitor them in bulk or by device group.

Benefits of TeamViewer IoT
Remote Connectivity

Remote Connectivity

Our features enable true remote capabilities of the command line, screen-based systems, edge applications and web services.

Secure Access

Secure Access

Secure access to elements such as HMI panels and PLC in the machine network.



Manage and organize all connected embedded devices remotely, from one place, anywhere, anytime.

Uniting the Organization around Maximum IoT Value

As companies transition from proof of concept to normal operations, IoT investments must begin to pay off. To achieve this, the cultures of OT and IT need to unite around strategic business objectives that generate measurable value.

TeamViewer IoT makes life easier for people in operations while providing a fully secure, enterprise-grade IT solution capable of scaling across and managing large IoT fleets. In doing so, it opens the doors to unexplored revenue opportunities and cost savings.

Senior technicians can reduce their travel time. Pressure created by the skills gap declines. After-sales service models that were previously impossible can now provide a source of recurring income.

Whether you’re a manufacturer looking to service your products in the field or an operation that needs to access and maintain its own production equipment, there is no substitute for complete access and control. Find out what IoT can do for you.

Integration Partners

Learn more about the hardware vendors and platforms partners we team up with to provide TeamViewer IoT enabled solutions.

Customer Success Story: Benzinger
Benzinger gets high-precision machinery ready for Industry 4.0.
Customer Success Story: Würth
For Würth, remote access is the smart way to automatically reorder for recurring needs.

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