IoT and Industry 4.0
Digitize Manufacturing and Production

TeamViewer IoT enables you to instantly connect, monitor, and operate assets in manufacturing and production – securely, quickly, and across locations.
Start now with the data-driven optimization of your production processes.

Quickly set up secure Remote Operations, Remote Assistance, and Remote Alarming for distributed endpoints with an easy-to-use, reliable, and scalable cloud IoT solution.

TeamViewer WOL remote desktop for laptop mobile tablet

Control Endpoints with

Remote Operations

Remotely control, monitor, and manage your endpoints from any location and mitigate endpoint damage risks.

TeamViewer IoT for Remote Operations

Fix Endpoints with

Remote Assistance

Detect, diagnose, and fix issues remotely without an on-site technician, or help direct personnel already on-site.

TeamViewer IoT for Remote Assistance

React faster with

Remote Alarming

Define conditional rules to alert you if IoT endpoints show any unusual behavior and trigger automated actions.

TeamViewer IoT for Remote Alarming

TeamViewer IoT
Industry Spotlights

TeamViewer IoT for Manufacturing

Get total visibility into the status and performance of your machines with real-time insights about the health of the equipment and remotely fix issues.

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TeamViewer IoT for Utilities – Renewable Energy

Connect, troubleshoot or offer remote field assistance for widely distributed renewable energy production and storage systems.

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TeamViewer IoT for Building & Infrastructure

Monitor and control systems in residential and commercial properties to cut down operational maintenance, reduce on-site visits and increase customer satisfaction.

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TeamViewer IoT for Logistics & Transportation

Enable health checks for cargo and transportation vehicles, and remotely connect to, operate, and provide assistance for warehouses and logistics hubs.

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Key Features of TeamViewer IoT

Real-time Data Visualization on Edge and in the Cloud

Get a complete overview of all your IoT data in one single dashboard in the cloud or on the edge.

Monitoring and Control

Monitor and control devices on the edge or via the cloud with one solution.

Rules and Data-Based Alerts

Set multi-condition rules at specific thresholds for IoT devices and get alerts with real-time status updates.

Remote Screen Grabbing

Remotely capture what is being displayed on an operation panel of any endpoint, and work as if you were right in front of it.

Remote Control for Edge Device

Get secure, seamless access to control IoT edge devices remotely, secured by end-to-end encryption without complicated system configuration.

Fast, Flexible Integration

Easily integrates into common third party platforms with APIs and SDKs, compatible with most widely used protocols to customize your IoT solution.

Why TeamViewer IoT?

With a cloud dashboard, a rule engine, and fully documented APIs,
TeamViewer IoT enables companies across industries to set up high-value IoT use cases with immediate payback.

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    Combine remote control functionalities with monitoring capabilities
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    Operate endpoints remotely for faster, more economical operations – at the enterprise scale
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    Receive alerts based on monitored IoT Data, enabling you to react quickly to incidents
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    Enables remote assistance and support to fix devices and machine issues as they occur
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    Accelerate roll-out time for your IoT solution with out-of-the-box connectivity – no complicated IoT VPNs

Watch the Video

Aditya Adavi, Director Product Management IoT, explains how OEMs partner with TeamViewer IoT to embed remote access, monitoring and control capabilities directly into their hardware for a distinct competitive edge.

Learn how TeamViewer IoT can empower your OEMs to build new products and offer their end-clients smarter solutions.

Your IoT Device
Our Secure and Global Access Network

TeamViewer Global Access Network

  • 1,110 routers globally handling
  • 45M simultaneous connections – at any time
  • Fully cloud-based, massively scalable infrastructure
  • Advanced algorithms determining best possible, lowest-latency connection
  • No congested centralized data centers

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TeamViewer Security

  • End-to-end encryption — no-one can read your data, not even TeamViewer
  • Store your data either in the TeamViewer cloud (hosted in Germany, ensuring GDPR compliance)
  • Or keep it in your network, and only send alarms by using TeamViewer’s rule engine on the edge
  • Ensure full data sovereignty in both cases

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Partner Ecosystem

Learn more about the hardware vendors and platforms partners we team up with to provide TeamViewer IoT-enabled solutions.

TeamViewer IoT integrates seamlessly into industry-leading ITSM and MDM systems.


Industry of Things World
21 September 2020 – 22 September 2020
Berlin, Germany

ID CIO Digital Forum
21 September 2020 – 22 September 2020
Spain (Digital Forum)

Smart Remote Services
28 September 2020 – 29 September 2020
Berlin, Germany

TeamViewer IoT

Secure remote access, control, and monitoring for all your devices and machines,
even from within many IoT Platform, solutions and on IoT hardware.

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