Monitoring and managing smart buildings

Discover how TeamViewer IoT makes buildings more intelligent.

New opportunities for connected buildings

Make buildings smarter with TeamViewer

The Internet of Things (IoT) is creating new opportunities for digitally connected buildings by helping owners, operators, and facility managers to reduce operational costs, meet sustainability objectives, centralize data, and increase productivity.

Developing Smart Buildings

Leverage TeamViewer IoT to…


intelligence with the bricks-and-mortar business

Our solution allows you to remotely manage your “all-IP“ assets by garnering real-time actionable insights to manage and maintain buildings cost-effectively.


operational efficiencies

Interconnect IoT subsystems that act independently but share performance information. Use remote monitoring to make informed adjustments such as space illumination and security.


your building’s critical utilities without the service call

You can carry out device and machine repairs from wherever you are. Whether it’s lighting, heating, or electricity, connect with control systems remotely and eliminate the problem.

Carry out

preventative maintenance

Our solution gathers real-time data and can trigger notifications to your dashboard, which alerts you to components that may be failing. Respond immediately to prevent potential utility outages.

Intuitive and simple

Remotely monitor and manage your buildings with TeamViewer.

The devices and machines being used in commercial buildings are becoming more intelligent, so service engineers, operations managers, and tenants can access them, monitor them, and control them from wherever they are.

That’s why TeamViewer’s best-in-breed solutions provide real-time information about the operational status of both the IoT gateway and the building’s sensors.

TeamViewer keeps integration and usability simple. With an intuitive interface and versatile usage, utilities stakeholders require minimal solution training.

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