Achieving precision agriculture with Trimble

Discover how Trimble works with TeamViewer to maximize agricultural efficiency.

Refining the way it works

Make agriculture smarter with TeamViewer

The agriculture industry seeks to keep pace with global population growth by maximizing efficiency, reducing input costs, and increasing productivity. Internet of Things (IoT) technology is transforming the way the industry works by improving its precision, support provisions, and ability to get the job done remotely.

Developing Smart Farming

Leverage TeamViewer IoT to…


your farm from wherever you are

From soil data right through to which crops need irrigation, you can monitor what’s happening on the agricultural site and make informed decisions.


machines to adapt to changing conditions

Access real-time data about crop health, weather forecast, pest infestation, soil nutrition, and fleet GPS positioning so you can remotely adapt machines for maximized productivity around the clock.


and automate machinery for increased precision

From combine harvesters to herbicide sprayers, you can control on-site machinery remotely, as you monitor for ways to improve accuracy, boost production, and save time.


and troubleshoot issues before they halt the supply chain

Repair degrading machinery components before they disrupt harvesting, livestock, and the end delivery to customers. With remote support, you can detect and resolve a problem before it becomes business critical.

Easy to use and efficient

Maximizing agricultural efficiency with TeamViewer.

Those in the agriculture industry today perceive farms as fully interconnected, digitally controlled, and monitored ecosystems.

Thanks to IoT technologies, farmers can monitor silage moisture, livestock health and location, or control drones mapping soil variations, weeds, and yield. Even barn temperature is regulated automatically in step with weather and livestock capacity.

TeamViewer helps you double down by monitoring the monitors, so your overall IoT environment efficacy is properly preserved at all times.

Read how to manage Smart Farming with TeamViewer IoT

Working in partnership with Trimble, TeamViewer is extending into the IoT marketplace to provide an integrated IoT gateway for precision agriculture.

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