Managing digital signage with Philips

Discover how Philips works with TeamViewer to optimize its digital signage.

Capture the heart of any customer

Make retail smarter with TeamViewer

Retailers are becoming IoT savvy to capture and convert the hearts and minds of customers. They are delivering omnichannel shopping experiences for browsing online, in stores, or in transit and enabling order fulfillment from anywhere at any time.

Developing Smart Retail

Leverage TeamViewer IoT to…


business performance

Collect big data for analytics from intelligent sensors in real time. Monitor Point Of Sale (POS) device activity; track product and store performance; and set alerts when intervention is critical.


your digital display content

Manage your monitors, screens, and billboards across the globe from wherever you are. Dynamically adapt your content to changing audiences and increase efficiency.


your customer touch-point devices

Your retail strategy needs to be always on. Control your POS terminals, kiosks, and digital displays from wherever you are and receive malfunction warnings, and trigger instant remote support when needed.


your advertising strategies

Improve customer engagement by personalizing and localizing your display content. Visual data will help you to identify and change poorly performing ads in real-time.

With a click of a mouse

Insights in the right place, at the right time with TeamViewer.

Successful retailers today are providing their customers with exciting omnichannel shopping experiences, from anywhere at any time. With TeamViewer, you can remotely access, manage, and monitor your retail campaigns — from across the globe.

Adapt your retail strategy based on real-time data. Show your customers exactly what they want to see, and make order fulfillment a simple task. Our IoT solution gives you immediate access to your campaigns so you can optimize your success with a click of a mouse.

Discover how Philips makes retail smarter with TeamViewer IoT

Working in partnership with Philips, TeamViewer is extending into the IoT marketplace to provide an integrated IoT gateway for smart retail.

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