TeamViewer IoT
Starter Kit

Everything you need to get your IoT project started in one end-to-end kit – at a fixed price. Stop concepting and build your IoT solution that delivers results today!

Meet the TeamViewer IoT Starter Kit

We built an innovative solution that enables you to monitor data in real time, receive alarms when predefined thresholds are exceeded and intervene immediately if a machine malfunctions. With our Starter Kit, you get going with your IoT project in minutes – we supply you with sensors, an edge gateway and our IoT software.

1 Dell 3001 Edge Gateway

3 Bosch XDK110 sensors

Pre-configured for TeamViewer IoT

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    Full functionality out of the box with pre-configured pairing*
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    Tap into our Expert Pro Services to get productive in minutes
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    Secured connections between sensors and gateway
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    Sensor battery status visible in dashboard
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    Create fully-functional end-to-end IoT applications
  • * The sensors are pre-configured to pair with the gateway. Moreover, the gateway will automatically connect to your account

The Value of the TeamViewer IoT Starter Kit

Our Starter Kit offers the building blocks to realize your own scalable solution. Test your possibilities.

Product quality optimization

Optimize and automate your product quality process and reduce production waste and enhance precision.

Flexible control over machines

Monitor or control even widely distributed machines remotely – from anywhere at anytime. Reduce technicians onsite visits.

Reduce maintenance costs by avoiding machine damage

Identify machine issues before they occur and reduce repair costs.

Reduced production downtime

Avoid machines or equipment failures triggered by material issues or unscheduled maintenance.


The TeamViewer IoT Starter Kit can be used for a variety of different purposes

Adapt the Starter Kit to meet your needs and retrofit your environment to make it fit your specific scenario. With the Starter Kit, you can create your own custom setup to build your personal IoT end-to-end use case.

Industrial IoT

Use the Starter Kit for Conditional Industrial Monitoring.

  • Remote control: Connect in real-time and remotely interact with your IoT endpoints as if you were standing in front of them
  • Predictive maintenance: Use a vibration or temperature sensor to detect anomalies in the behavior of your IoT endpoints

Cooling systems

Use the Starter Kit for Conditional Monitoring in Cooling Systems.

  • Remote alarming: Get notifications and intervene preventively in case of temperature deviations to avoid product loss
  • Improved operations: Ensure the proper functioning of your cooling systems by using temperature sensors

Smart Farming

Use the Starter Kit for Conditional Monitoring in Smart Farming.

  • Remote assistance: Collect and evaluate sensor data from field machines, connect with devices, and troubleshoot in case of malfunction
  • Improved operations: Use humidity and temperature sensors to control more efficiently your facilities (e.g., greenhouse)
connected farming using TeamViewer IoT in agriculture software to get real-time data on crop water levels

Logistics & Transportation

Use the Starter Kit for Conditional Monitoring of Delivered Goods.

  • Remote troubleshooting: Fix issues remotely and reduce field force support costs, while shortening logistics fleet downtime
  • Quality control: Set up alerts to overview the status of your transported goods (exposure to unpredicted shocks, violation of defined temperature ranges, etc.)

Get your TeamViewer IoT Starter Kit Today!

Unpack and realize your IoT project in minutes.

TeamViewer IoT Starter Kit


RRP, VAT not included
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    1x Dell 3001 Edge Gateway including antennas and connectors 3G + 4G connectivity; WiFi; Bluetooth; 8 Digital I/O pins; RS232 interface.
    • Location tracking via dashboard
    • Supports up to 32 XDK devices
    • Already provisioned sensors
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    3x Bosch XDK110 sensors: Temperature; Humidity; Acceleration (vibration); Light; Gyroscope
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    1 x TeamViewer IoT License for TeamViewer IoT Remote Control and Dashboard as well as edge management and visualization capabilities. Free up to 2 endpoints
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    Support by our bespoke Expert Pro Services
  • Additional: power supply, wiring and sensor provisioning.
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