This article applies to all TeamViewer users who want to purchase a Business, Premium, or Corporate Subscription license.

What are the benefits of having a subscription?

  • A subscription license entitles you to all major software updates without purchasing the update.
  • Exclusive access to new features and enhancements as soon as they are ready during the subscription period.
  • Updates to the latest TeamViewer versions mean continued compatibility with the latest operating systems.

Do we offer a monthly payment?

At the moment, we are not able to offer monthly payments.

Currently, all subscription packages are purchased and renewed automatically on an annual basis.

What are regular feature updates, and how do I get them?

TeamViewer releases new features, functionality, and patches throughout the year to continue improving and maintaining your experience with our product.

During your active subscription, you will immediately access the latest major and minor updates. You will most likely be prompted to update automatically in the software. You can also check this under Menu (≡) Check for new version

Do you still offer the 7-day money-back guarantee?

Yes, you can return your newly purchased TeamViewer license or AddOn license within 7 days from purchase, and we will refund or cancel your invoice.

The 7-day money-back guarantee does not apply to renewals. 

Please contact our support via the ticket portal and choose 7-day return as the reason.

Can I still buy a perpetual or permanent license?

No, we no longer offer perpetual licenses.

We now only offer subscription licenses to keep up with the ever-changing landscape of the IT world and ensure our focus is on driving new features and stability.

Please contact our Sales team to assist you with your specific business requirements.

Can I keep my legacy license when I switch to a subscription license?

Yes, your old perpetual license will remain available after switching to a subscription license.

You may continue to use your perpetual license on the version of TeamViewer it is currently valid for. However - please keep our TeamViewer (Classic) Software Lifecycle Policy in mind in your planning.

Will my subscription automatically renew?

Yes. For your convenience and to avoid service interruptions, your annual subscription will automatically renew every 12 months from your purchase date.

📌Note: If you wish to cancel your subscription, please submit a ticket at least 28 days before your renewal date.

Do I receive any reminders before renewing my subscription?

No - we usually do not send an email before your subscription renews. However, it is subject to the country's origin and local regulations, so you might get an email

How / until when can I cancel my subscription?

For your security, all cancellations must be submitted in written form by submitting a ticket. Written requests must be received by TeamViewer at least 28 days before the end of the initial or renewal term.

If I cancel my subscription license, what happens to my legacy license?

After canceling a subscription license, your old perpetual license remains. You may continue to use your perpetual license on the version of TeamViewer it was purchased for. However - please keep our TeamViewer (Classic) Software Lifecycle Policy in mind in your planning.

When do you start my subscription contract?

From the day you order a subscription.

When can I get an invoice?

When you order a subscription license.

Also, on a renewal day every year.

When can I get a quotation?

 Before you purchase a subscription license from our Sales team.

Can I get an invoice before renewing my subscription?

No, you will receive an invoice on a renewal day.

Can I get a quotation before renewing?

No, we only send a quotation before purchase. 

As the license is a subscription, it is a continuation of the original purchase and will be the same price unless we notify you of any change in writing beforehand.

How can I get a receipt?

We provide clients only to those who contact us, as it is optional.

Please contact our support team so that we can assist you.

How can I change the information about my credit card for next year's payment?

Please visit this page to change your credit card information. (If the link does not work, please try this link instead.)


  1. Type in your most recent invoice number and the email address it was sent to
  2. On the next page, you will see the payment options (PayPal, Credit Card). Select Credit Card.
  3. Type in your credit card information.
  • If there are no outstanding balances on your subscription, no charges will occur. The next generated invoice will be run on the new card at the time of processing.
  • If you have an invoice not paid on the previous card (due to payment error, etc.), the outstanding balance will be run on the new card.

Once updated, all future subscription invoices will use the new card.

How much is my renewal?

We will send an invoice on a renewal day so you can see it. However, please get in touch with our support team to assist you.

📌Please note that our support team cannot negotiate the renewal price.