Why can't I control my Android device? Can't TeamViewer make it possible?

TeamViewer (Classic) is capable of both viewing the screen and remotely controlling a range of Android devices. However, we, unfortunately, are not able to support all manufacturers or ROM's for these features, especially remote control.

Screen Sharing

  • Screen sharing is available for all Android devices running Android 5.0 or higher.

Remote Control

Cannot download Add on from the Play Store / AOSP

  • There are a small number of devices that are on our supported manufacturers list that are supported but are unable to download the add-on from the Play Store. This also occurs to some AOSP devices that may also be supported but you need to download from the website.

-Website Downloads-

Android Host Download

Android QuickSupport Download


  • We do support some AOSP devices. If you are running on AOSP it is best to download the app from our download page instead of the play store. If you installed from our website but cannot control your device, it is not one of these AOSP devices and it cannot be modified to allow access.

Custom ROMs

  • TeamViewer (Classic) does not officially support custom ROMs. 

But why not just make it possible?

To allow full remote control of a device, we need cooperation from the manufacturers themselves which we do not have for all manufacturers.

As this does require the manufacturers support, we cannot simply commit to making this possible as we cannot do it alone. You can support us by reaching out to the manufacturer of your mobile device and let them know you want them to be compatible with TeamViewer.

What can I do to control my unsupported device?

If your device is unsupported, we are currently not able to provide you with this feature. 

However, you still have access to file transfer and other great features. Also - we would like to encourage you to support us by reaching out to the manufacturer of your mobile device and let them know you want them to be compatible with TeamViewer (Classic).

I am a manufacturer, how can I get my device supported?

If you are a manufacturer and would like to work with us to support your devices, please contact us via this form.


Universal Add-On

TeamViewer released a Universal Add-on for users using the QuickSupport App to control Android devices running Android 7 or newer remotely.

You will find all the information you need about how to install and activate the Universal Add-On in our Knowledge Base article:  📄 Universal Add-On for Android

This universal add-on will allow you to remote control Android devices that didn't have any dedicated add-on available. Therefore, the universal add-on won't be available for devices of already supported manufacturers.

📌Note: The Universal Add-on is not available for the TeamViewer Host.