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User Guides, Videos & Tutorials

Customer Resource Center

Explore helpful user guides, videos, and tutorials to kick-start your experience and unlock the full power of TeamViewer.

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User Guides, Videos & Tutorials

Customer Resource Center

Explore helpful user guides, videos, and tutorials to kick-start your experience and unlock the full power of TeamViewer.

How to Set up TeamViewer

Connect to a Computer

Watch this video to learn how to connect to a remote computer using the Teamviewer ID and password.

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Add Computers & Contacts

The Computers & Contacts list is like your “address book” for TeamViewer IDs and contacts. Add the TeamViewer accounts of your customers, coworkers, or business partners that you contact regularly.
Learn how in our short videos.

How to add computers

How to add contacts

Startup guide for Premium and Corporate licenses

For Premium or Corporate licenses, this handy guide provides the key steps to get started quickly.

 Download the PDF

Management Console

While you can always remote into computers directly from the TeamViewer desktop application, you can also use the web-based Management Console to manage all your computers and contacts, customize TeamViewer modules, configure settings policies, and more.

 Learn more in our Community

Unattended Access

Need to access devices even when no one’s there? See how to set up unattended access by watching our 37-second tutorial video or downloading the PDF with step-by-step instructions.

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or Download the PDF

In-Session Toolbar

During TeamViewer remote control sessions, the TeamViewer Remote Session Toolbar appears on the top of the screen of your local computer with a menu of buttons for quick access to features and functions to help you complete tasks intuitively.

 Learn more in our Community

TeamViewer Modules

Learn all about the TeamViewer client, as well as the TeamViewer QuickSupport and TeamViewer Host modules.

 In our Community


Learn more about extending popular platforms with remote access and remote control capabilities by using prebuilt TeamViewer integrations or the TeamViewer API.

 Application Integrations

 Android Integrations


Our Trust Center is your single source for the latest security, compliance, and system performance information.

 Visit our Trust Center

Knowledge Base

In our Knowledge Base, you can find our helpful and up-to-date TeamViewer documentation, as well as pro tips and tricks for using TeamViewer. Explore our community-driven resources for step-by-step documentation with product screenshots and videos to help you become a TeamViewer pro in no time.


In our community forum, you can connect with other TeamViewer users and professionals to get help or problem-solve together. Questions about TeamViewer, its features and functions? Chances are, someone may have answered your question already in the community. If not, you can always post your questions to get answers and support from our team.

User manuals

Explore our library of technical documentation and detailed user manuals to find answers to complex questions.

Learn about our other solutions

TeamViewer is more than Remote Access and Remote Support – it’s a remote connectivity platform that enables anyone to support anyone with anything, from anywhere.

TeamViewer Remote Management

Proactively keep your IT infrastructure healthy, stable, and secure: Centrally manage, monitor, track, patch, and protect your computers, devices, and software – all from a single platform.

TeamViewer Internet of Things

TeamViewer Internet of Things enables you to instantly connect, monitor, and operate machines and devices securely — from anywhere. 

TeamViewer Pilot

TeamViewer Pilot is an augmented reality-powered remote support solution that enables remote experts to connect to support requesters and see what their smartphone camera live streams to their computer or mobile device, while allowing them to draw, add text, or tag real-world objects with 3D markers for reference.

TeamViewer Tensor

Discover TeamViewer Tensor™, the Enterprise Remote Support, Remote Access, and Remote Device Control SaaS Solution You Can Deploy and Scale in Hours, Not Days.

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