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The Simple and Easy VPN Alternative for Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses

When you’ve got offices all over the globe and need to access files from the same virtual private network (VPN) on your office desktop, the expense and opportunity cost is overwhelming. Setting up a private VPN for small business is expensive and cumbersome. Even if you have a private network in place, slow VPN speed is one of the top productivity killers in business.

TeamViewer™ is the only all-in-one solution for your remote desktop access for Windows computers, remote server maintenance, and remote file access issues for a third of the price of maintaining a VPN.

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TeamViewer Features

TeamViewer’s VPN alternative consists of a collection of features that enhance productivity.

  • Connect to any computer or mobile device, whether or not it’s behind a firewall, as long as it has a TeamViewer client installed.
  • Share files of any size with transfer speeds up to 200 MB/s.
  • Enable cross-platform access, from PC to Mac, Mac to PC, and all other combinations.
  • Install TeamViewer as a system service to enable access to servers at any time.
  • Wake on LAN allows you to wake up computers in sleep mode and start working on them.
  • Black screen allows you to make sure no one else is watching while you work on your desktop remotely.

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