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TeamViewer Integration Partner:
Microsoft Dynamics 365

Remotely Support Customers Directly from Your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Solution

Providing efficient, timely, and convincing sales demos and customer support is a major challenge in a typical environment where several solutions and teams often need to work together.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 lets your company break down data silos by unifying your CRM and ERP solutions. With the TeamViewer integration, customer support agents and sales representatives can now leverage Microsoft Dynamics 365 to connect remotely to their customers – anytime, from anywhere. Customize and optimize your sales and support workflows to solve issues faster, provide customers with live, on-screen guidance, or demo how a product would work on their environment.

TeamViewer for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Solution Highlights

Seamless Customer Connections

Connect remotely, quickly, and seamlessly with potential or existing customers directly from Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Email-Enhanced Workflow

Share customer support information via email with customized templates for support tickets, leads, opportunities, etc.

In-App Notifications

Leverage real time in-app notifications that let sales and support representatives know when a customer accepts a support session invite. They can then reach out and help right away.

Advanced Reporting

Gain insights on system usage, response time, and customer with individual case and company-wide reports, including advanced search and filtering features.

Get Cross-Platform Remote Support

Get cross-platform remote access and remote control to support devices across Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS.

Integration Benefits

  • Impress and win over potential customers with engaging product demos by enabling your sales representatives to connect to them remotely within Microsoft Dynamics 365.
  • Improves the satisfaction rate for existing customers by improving support workflows, reducing issue resolution time.
  • Confidently assess performance improvements by providing admins with the tools to audit the use of the integration.

How It Works

Getting Started with TeamViewer for Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Contact us to customize
your TeamViewer license
based on your needs
(Corporate or Tensor license required)

Download the
TeamViewer integration app
from the Microsoft Marketplace

Log in to the integration app with your TeamViewer-licensed account. For more details on getting started, click here.

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