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Many organizations have made significant investments in digital transformation initiatives and the technologies they need to innovate their operations and build more resilient supply chains.

Oftentimes the actual frontline workers, those that are on the shop floor, in the warehouse, out in the field, are often overlooked when it comes to technology investments.

Together, TeamViewer and SAP are building solutions that enable you to digitalize your value chain with data flows and process optimizations across the entire supply chain to deliver a more connected and skilled workforce.

Our solutions span from remote support to managed enterprise connectivity and IoT, to industrial augmented reality, enabling companies to build more intelligent supply chains and service operations.

Building intelligent supply chains and service operations, together

With this partnership and TeamViewer’s integrations of into SAP solutions, we are focused on helping organizations across all industries to accelerate their digitalization journey by providing secure enterprise remote connectivity and innovative augmented reality technology to connect their workforce.

SAP customers can digitalize industrial processes and service operations with TeamViewer along the entire design to operate value chain. Our remote connectivity and augmented reality solutions extend the value of SAP’s Industry Cloud, SAP Customer Experience (CX) and CRM solutions, and SAP S/4HANA solutions for more efficient and accurate operations, increased uptime for critical assets and devices and better employee and customer experiences.

Re-imagining the way frontline workers work, supported by augmented reality

With our augmented reality (AR) software suite, TeamViewer Frontline Augmented Reality, an SAP endorsed app, frontline workers are connected to the critical data and information they need using smart glasses and mobile devices to perform their jobs more efficiently and effectively across logistics picking, assembly, quality assurance, inspections, maintenance, and field service.

Digitalize your service operations with enterprise remote access and support

The TeamViewer Tensor integration into SAP Service Cloud empowers your service agents to troubleshoot and resolve issues quickly and work remotely by connecting to any device or smart product, anywhere, improving customer satisfaction and productivity for critical digital processes.

This allows you to streamline customer engagement, improve first-call resolution rates by up to 50% and save money on support costs while building more sustainable service operations by that avoids unnecessary travel to customer sites and reduces your overall carbon footprint.

Enabling tangible business outcomes for our joint customers with secure enterprise remote connectivity and augmented reality-powered processes

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