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Asset Management by TeamViewer

Gain instant visibility into your IT systems by creating an inventory and keeping track of your deployed hardware and software.

Asset Management is part of our TeamViewer Monitoring & Asset Management product.

Asset Management is part of our TeamViewer Monitoring & Asset Management product.

Never lose oversight of your hardware and software.

Asset Management

How often is a software installed? Are you within your license limits? Or are you even over-licensed?

Asset Management by TeamViewer provides you with an up-to-date overview of all your deployed hardware and software – quickly and easily accessed from a central location.

  • Easy auditing – Spontaneous audit? No problem. You got all the information you need at your fingertips.
  • Compliance – Avoid costly vendor penalties and ensure you operate within your license limits.
  • Safety & Security – Find out if there is forbidden or potentially dangerous software installed in your network.
  • Efficiency – Ensure the deployed hardware fulfills your requirements for efficient working.

Know more about the devices you support.

Important Device Information

Your workforce know what they are working with, right? Wrong!

Don’t assume your colleague who seeks support from you can provide you the information that you need. Asset Management by TeamViewer pulls helpful real-time information from the device and displays it in a central and convenient location.

  • TeamViewer ID
  • TeamViewer Version
  • Operating Systems
  • Computer Name
  • Domain
  • External and & Internal IPs
  • CPU
  • Memory
  • Motherboard
  • Video Controller
  • Disk Drive

And there is more!

Asset Management is part of our TeamViewer Monitoring & Asset Management product. It therefore comes with the following solutions.

Patch Management

Automatically detect vulnerabilities due to outdated software and operating systems, and patch Windows and 3rd party applications remotely.

Proactive Device Monitoring

Drastically increase uptime, work productivity, and end-user happiness by monitoring crucial system aspects. Set individual monitoring policies and be notified as soon as your attention is required, to prevent problems from happening.

Detect and monitor network devices

Monitor the availability and fault of all network devices such as printers, routers & switches, and more by scanning for all connected devices. Reduce downtime and provide an interruption-free and stable work environment.

Interesting Documents

Download additional material on Asset Management.

Info Sheet

Download the Asset Management info sheet to get an overview of the most important TeamViewer Asset Management information on one page.

Technical Details

Download the TeamViewer Monitoring technical fact sheet to get an overview of all technical facts.

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