How to Activate TeamViewer Remote Management

Get started in three simple steps

Try TeamViewer Remote Management for free! Simply follow the instructions below.


Please download TeamViewer, and install it on each device on which you wish to run TeamViewer Remote Management on.

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Create a TeamViewer account and add the devices to your Computers & Contacts list.


Right-click on a device and click the “Activate” button to start TeamViewer Remote Management and you are all set!

Tip: You can also add devices in bulk from the TeamViewer Management Console. Simply use your TeamViewer account to login.

First Steps with TeamViewer Remote Management


All computers for which you want to use TeamViewer Remote Management have to be added as endpoints. Adding endpoints and activating TeamViewer Remote Management can be done remotely on your TeamViewer Remote Management dashboard.

  1. Click on Add device.
  2. Select the respective TeamViewer Remote Management services for each device.
  3. Click on Next and select a policy for each service.
  4. Click Activate.

With TeamViewer Remote Management, you can define custom policies to run checks or scans the way you want them. To do so, simply go to your respective TeamViewer Remote Management service dashboard, and…

  1. Click the Wrench icon at the top.
  2. Click on Add policy at the bottom.
  3. Add any scans (TeamViewer Endpoint Protection), any checks (TeamViewer Monitoring), or any backup cycles (TeamViewer Backup).
  4. Assign your created policy to your devices.

Know when something is wrong! TeamViewer Remote Management notifies you as soon as an TeamViewer Monitoring check fails or an TeamViewer Endpoint Protection scan detects a threat. Set up email notifications to even be notified on the go. Simply go to your TeamViewer Remote Management dashboard and…

  1. Click on the Policies tab and select the policy for which you want to receive notifications.
  2. For TeamViewer Endpoint Protection policies, click on Manage notifications and add an email address or select a user. For TeamViewer Monitoring, after selecting the respective policy, please click on the check for which you want to receive notifications and add a user or an email address.