Customer Success Story


With AR, Hurco is taking its maintenance, repair and service to the next level.

Ryan Lay, Manager Control Support and Testing at Hurco

By utilizing the customer’s smartphone camera, our support technicians can see in real time what the customer is talking about and offer instant remote assistance, without the need to travel. With TeamViewer Pilot, it’s a win-win for all.


  • Increasing uptime for HURCO customers
  • Reducing service response time and minimizing travel cost of onsite support
  • Enabling customers and on-site technicians to troubleshoot and perform maintenance procedures efficiently


TeamViewer Pilot enabled HURCO to provide real-time technical support to its customers and on-site technicians for inspection, repair and maintenance anywhere in the world without having to travel. With TeamViewer Pilot, the experts can see on their smartphone what the customers and onsite technicians see on the machine and guide them using 3d markers and text annotations. This reduced the overall response time for fault detection and resolution and increased savings on travel cost.

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