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TeamViewer at TechnoAlpin: Rapid help for Mother Hulda’s helper

Maximilian Hawlin, Head of Software Development Support, TechnoAlpin

With TeamViewer we find solutions in minutes through cross-departmental and cross-site collaboration that would otherwise take hours.

Snowmaking system manufacturer TechnoAlpin provides remote support with TeamViewer to ensure that winter fun is guaranteed.


Support via telephone and on-site visits should give way to a modern system with possibilities for remote access, troubleshooting and alerting.

  • Worldwide support of more than 100,000 snow guns from over 2400 customers
  • Support cases often require the collaboration of employees from different departments and locations
  • Partially poor internet connection in the mountains


With TeamViewer, TechnoAlpin meets the requirements of its customers for technical support that can be called up at any time worldwide. With just a few clicks of the mouse, service staff access the control unit on site via an encrypted internet connection.


The average recovery time in remote support is 25 minutes with TeamViewer.

  • Return of Investment after only 4 months by avoiding travel expenses
  • 50% less time required for cases with several experts involved

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