The Salvation Army (TSA) is a Christian free church with distinct social activities. Originally founded in 1865 in London, TSA grew rapidly and would encircle the world by the turn of the century. The practical social activities include homeless care, homes for children, schools, hospitals, disaster relief. Well-known are also the second-hand stores, the income of which is donated to charitable institutions.

On 1 March 2016, after 95 years apart, the Salvation Army announced that it would bring its Southern and Eastern territories together as one again, to achieve significant long-term financial savings and strengthen the delivery of the overall mission of both territories.

The Salvation Army had operated as two distinct entities in separate parts of Australia, with separate IT, HR, and Finance departments. This meant duplication in services, programs, and policies throughout the national organization, which had to be managed and resolved by the Australian One Project team.


The Salvation Army (TSA) had recently implemented a new national IT structure for its 10,000 employees situated in 200 offices across the country.

  • TSA had integration requirements to be ready, both current and future, that imposed added complexity to the rollout
  • TSA was in search of a solution, which can enhance their capability of existing technology


TeamViewer Tensor offered a future-proof, secure digital remote work environment for the entire workforce at enterprise scale. Crucially, TeamViewer does not have any integration requirements, making it easy to use with minimal impact on business continuity during rollout.

TeamViewer Tensor’s SSO integration and simple installation process, meant it could be rolled to thousands of devices simultaneously, with a few clicks and done in hours.

Andre D‘Cruz General Manager, IT Service Delivery at Salvation Army

“TeamViewer Tensor ticks all our integration, security and support requirements, and we are confident that the solution answers for our current and future needs.”