Toyota Deutschland GmbH

Toyota Deutschland GmbH

More efficient repairs at Toyota Germany

Expert help from a distance saves time and money

Initial Situation

Toyota Deutschland GmbH has been based in Germany since 1971 and has since established itself strongly as a brand in the German automotive market. The company’s own Toyota and Lexus work-shops provide comprehensive services and vehicle repairs for customers. If a major problem occurs that the local mechanics could not handle on their own, they used to contact the manufacturer with a description of the problem. In addition, the workshop contacts the technical dealer support department at the German headquarters and asks for assistance. Here, an appointment is made to jointly solve the problem. An expert is then sent out into the field to get an idea of the situation on site.

Business Challenge

In more complex cases, where an expert is needed to assess and solve the problem on the vehicle, a great deal of time and communication was previously required. The limited number of specialists and their required travel time to the respective workshop made it difficult to find an appointment and led to delays in the repair. This resulted in longer waiting times for customers without having the vehicle available. In addition, all these points represented cost factors for Toyota: the deployment of experts, the travel expenses and the provision of replacement vehicles for customers.

TeamViewer Solution

With the TeamViewer Frontline remote support solution, the mechanic can now contact an expert directly via data glasses. The camera of the data goggles captures the exact field of view of the mechanic. This image is transmitted to the remote expert in real time via a video call. The 1:1 transmission makes it easier for the expert to assess the situation. Problems are thus solved directly in a teamwork environment. The comprehensive functions of the remote support solution provide assistance. For example, parts of the assembly instructions can be displayed directly in the field of vision of the mechanic on site or instructions can be visually clarified using augmented reality features. While the expert provides assistance, the technician has his hands free thanks to the smart glasses and can implement the instructions at the same time.

Convincing Benefits

TeamViewer’s remote support solution increases the efficiency of Toyota’s repair and service processes. Through remote expert assistance, problems are solved directly in many cases. Seamless collaboration minimizes the time required and eliminates high travel costs, as well as reducing the cost of any loaner vehicles for customers. The specialists’ flexibility in terms of location and time also leads to optimized personnel resource planning. In addition, the expert can better assess whether field service is necessary and, if so, request spare parts in advance, for example. On the customer side, this results in an overall improved service experience due to reduced waiting times.







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