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Conditional Access

Prevent unauthorized connections with a rule-based engine to manage user, group, and device access permissions at the highest level of granularity.

Auditability and Reporting

Comprehensive logging and reporting of all user actions for auditability, risk detection, security compliance, and quality assurance.

Mass Deployment

Mass deploy TeamViewer Tensor silently to hundreds or thousands of devices with just a few clicks.

Remote Device Control

Remotely control a wide range unattended devices, like kiosks and point of sale (POS) systems, as well as internet-enabled devices and machinery with TeamViewer Internet of Things (IoT).

Single Sign-On

Use your existing SAML 2.0 identity provider for secure user authentication that complies with corporate policies.

Device-Agnostic Access

Remotely access any desktop, laptop, mobile phone, or tablet, across all major platforms and operating systems.


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Your Security, Built into TeamViewer

Industry-Grade Security

TeamViewer protects your data with features and protocols that meet strict security certifications and compliance standards.

  • Every remote connection is protected by end-to-end encryption (4096-bit RSA/256-bit AES) so no one can read your data.
  • Our ISO 27001-certified European data centers provide the highest reliability and security, ensuring GDPR and HIPAA compliance.
  • With two-factor authentication activated, a verification code is required along with your password to log in to your TeamViewer account.

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