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Does TeamViewer own its servers and data centers?

No, TeamViewer does not have its own data centers. TeamViewer contracts with data center providers that are compliant with ISO 27001 and HIPAA/HITECH, and leverage multi-redundant carrier connections and redundant power supplies. These include RAID array data protection, data mirroring, data backup, highly available server storage, and router systems with disaster recovery mechanisms, and procedures in place to deliver continuous service.

The data center providers we use are:

Alibaba Cloud
Amazon AWS
IBM Cloud
Microsoft Azure

Can you provide a list of IP addresses that TeamViewer uses?

TeamViewer IPs are not on the same subnet, and they can change at any time so there is no set list. All that’s needed is to whitelist * or open port 5938 on the firewall.

Should I grant remote access to my computer or device?

If you have requested support and/or know the person requesting access and they are doing so for reasons you are aware of, you can grant them remote access.

We advise TeamViewer users to be careful with unsolicited phone calls and to not grant access to your PC to anyone you do not know or trust. TeamViewer does not provide remote support services of any kind. Our activities are limited to developing and selling the software tools that providers use to offer remote support services.

If you have experienced or suspect a case of malicious use of TeamViewer, please contact our privacy team via the report a scam form.

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