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Scale, manage, and secure your enterprise remote connectivity experiences

TeamViewer Tensor

Access, support, and manage any device, any employee across the globe, or an embedded device on the edge of your enterprise with ease.

TeamViewer Tensor

What is TeamViewer Tensor

TeamViewer Tensor is an enterprise remote connectivity platform. Our platform is tailored to meet the ever-increasing demands of modern, always-on businesses that rely on a connected and distributed workforce. Boasting best-in-class security, scalability, and manageability, TeamViewer Tensor is the perfect solution for both traditional IT environments and the latest operational technology (OT) scenarios.


enterprise customers

2.5 billion

devices connected

Up to 45 million

devices online at the same time

Connected and distributed enterprises

Enterprises are becoming digital. Businesses operate across time zones in distributed teams. How do enterprises meet the growing demands of the workforce in a manageable, secure manner?


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Security above all

Cyberattacks are on the rise. Distributed workforces, third-party contractors, external vendors, and heterogeneous device landscapes make the challenge even more complex.

Security and risk management leaders need to minimize the attack surface. How can organizations achieve the highest level of security and maintain business continuity in a climate like this?

  • Secure your scale. Provide secure support experiences to a hybrid workforce.
  • Reduce complexity. Hybrid workforces and distributed offices mean devices are on the move, making centralized management difficult.
  • Managing flexibility. Empowering employees to do their best work on their terms in a manner that is secure and compliant while balancing the needs of a remote, mobile workforce.

Our solutions

Organizations are leveraging the power of remote connectivity to provide staff the support they need to stay on top of their work. And happy employees mean happy customers. Unlock the power and potential of remote connectivity in your organization today.

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Tensor Support

Secure, efficient remote support

Whether they are employees or customers, your stakeholders rely on reliable support using secure remote connectivity to resolve technical issues as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Be it customer support, internal employee IT support, or scenarios where your stakeholders get the support they need to do their best work without compromising on their daily work experience.


Benefits of Tensor Support

  • Deliver a seamless customer and employee support experience
  • Enable faster issue resolution in a secure, scalable manner
  • Ensure higher customer and employee satisfaction as well as stronger brand loyalty and retention
  • Enhance your customer service with secure next-gen support for mobile apps and through web-based sessions via browsers
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Tensor Work

Seamless remote access

Working remotely, on-the-move, all the time means your enterprise IT teams and employees need to stay productive, agile, and responsive.

Secure remote access to computers, mobile devices, servers, and machines ensures that employees are supported every time there is a technical issue they need someone to fix using remote connectivity.


Benefits of Tensor Work

  • Enable remote work flexibility for your workforce to remotely connect to their company-assigned devices across platforms
  • Easily maintain and manage anything from enterprise servers to point-of-sale (POS) systems in real time
  • Troubleshoot problems from anywhere and minimize unplanned downtime through preventive maintenance
  • Ensure your employees can work remotely and securely from anywhere, without a VPN
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Tensor Embedded

Secure attended access and remote support for embedded devices

Provide end-to-end encrypted remote support for any device or machine with or without an operator, to reduce downtime and on-site repair costs. Support agents and technicians can instantly resolve and troubleshoot faults for field assets from a remote location in near real time.

Centralizing your support expertise means technicians only must go on-site for more complex second- and third-level issues. They can resolve a large number of tickets right from the convenience of their desks.


Benefits of Tensor Embedded

  • Allocate resources far more effectively and efficiently, lowering travel expenses and reducing technician fatigue to a large extent
  • Improve service efficiency and reduce device downtime with rapid ROI
  • Reduce incidental costs and offer attractive SLAs (Service Level Agreements) to improve customer experience and brand loyalty
  • Leverage remote connectivity to meet your digital transformation goals

What does enterprise remote connectivity help you achieve

TeamViewer lets you be more responsive to the needs of employees and third-party vendors across the value chain. So, you can stay ahead in a hyper-competitive marketplace. And ensure your employees receive real-time support so they can do their best work – anywhere, anytime.

  • Scale

    • Scale your support operations with confidence
    • Support your end users and their growing needs on a day-to-day basis
    • Secure your scale with endpoint protection and remote management capabilities
  • Manage

    • Manage large fleets of devices and secure your IT infrastructure with ease
    • Stay on top of devices, peripherals, and networks with active monitoring
    • Manage the growing scale of devices across locations and time zones
  • Secure

    • Provide end-to-end encrypted support – attended, unattended access – to any device or machine
    • Ensure your employees stay productive and supported whether they are working at home, remotely, or on the move
    • Prevent unauthorized connections and ensure access is based on permissions and company policies
  • Integrate

    • Leverage existing applications such as CRM and UEM (Unified Endpoint Management) using TeamViewer integrations
    • Improve issue resolution time and increase efficiency with TeamViewer Integration Suite
    • Reduce costs and integrate industry-leading remote access and support into existing applications and platforms

Why TeamViewer

Enterprise-grade security

TeamViewer is secured by end-to-end 256-bit AES encryption, two-factor authentication, and other industry-grade security features, such as conditional access, SSO, and much more.

Classical IT and extended OT use cases

TeamViewer leaves the competition behind covering the highest combined total of 127 manufacturers for mobile devices, operating systems, and IoT devices on the market today.

Best performance

TeamViewer’s global access network will provide you with the best possible connection, so you can enjoy immersive remote access and support sessions with fast transfer speeds and high image quality.

Enterprise remote connectivity use cases

TeamViewer Tensor feature spotlights


Industrial-grade security

Today, enterprises rely heavily on remote connectivity to manage a majority of their IT operations. In addition, the rise of the distributed workforce and the adoption of work-from-home policies have led to a significant dependence on remote access and control capabilities. As a result, security is much more important now.



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TeamViewer Professional Services

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Leverage our expertise in deploying TeamViewer Tensor across your organization. Enable your IT departments to deliver industry-leading support experiences today!

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  • Admin training
  • License set-up
  • User provisioning


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