TeamViewer Co-browsing allows experts to assist end users directly within their web browser tabs. End users can share their browsers in real-time, facilitating efficient communication and troubleshooting. Whether guiding users through complex processes or resolving technical issues remotely on web pages, TeamViewer Co-browsing provides interactive support directly within the web environment. In this article, we'll explain how your team can provide remote support via Co-browsing.

💡Hint: If you haven't activated and enabled Co-browsing for your users yet, please ensure to follow the steps in this article before getting started.

This article applies to Premium, Corporate, or Tensor license holders who purchased the Co-browsing add-on.

How to provide remote support with Co-browsing

Step 1: The end user needs support and shares their browser tab with the expert

To share their browser tab with the expert, the end user must:

  1. Click the support button you have set up on your page.
  2. Click Share browser tab.
  3. Confirm by clicking Yes.
  4. This will open a remote session and generate a 5-digit session ID in the remote session toolbar. The end user must now share the session ID with the expert.

Step 2: The expert joins the remote session

Now that the end user shared the session ID with the expert, they can join the remote session to start supporting the end user.

As the expert:

  1. Sign in via with your licensed account.
  2. Click Service Desk and click Co-browsing.
  3. In Join a Co-browsing session, enter the session ID the end user has shared with you and click Connect.

The Co-browsing session is now established, and the expert can start supporting the end user.

In-session features

By default, only the view of the browser's tab is shared.

Expert features

Via the remote control toolbar, the expert can:

  • request remote control in the browser tab
  • make their cursor visible
  • enable drawing
  • send files

End user features

Via the remote control toolbar, the end user can:

  • allow remote control in the browser tab
  • send files