Feature Spotlight Remote Device Control

Access a Device Remotely and Use All of Its Functionalities

Directly access a remote computer, smartphone, or tablet from your device to provide support. Take control as if you were the primary user on the device so that you can fix the issue seamlessly.

Don’t worry about traveling to customers, coworkers, or servers to fix technical issues. Now you can solve the problem remotely. Perform all of your IT tasks from the convenience of your own desk. You don’t have to be local if you can access the devices remotely.

Worried about the security? We’ve got your back. TeamViewer™ provides end-to-end encryption, whitelists and blacklists, and a number of other industry-leading security measures to ensure that you and your customers remain safe.

Feature Details & Supported Products

Primary User Control

With TeamViewer, you can easily log into your partner’s device to fix IT issues. Once the authentication is approved, you have the ability to manage the IT service request quickly and easily with access to all of the functionalities of the remote device.

Control a remote computer or Android device as if you were the primary user. With this kind of control, you don’t have to worry about roadblocks. You’ll be able to transfer files, fix bugs, and access information all in one place.

Using TeamViewer for Business

TeamViewer supports user account control (UAC), direct LAN connections via TCP/IP, and a true virtual private network (VPN) channel. In addition to desktop sharing, you’ll be able to provide seamless technical support for any device with TeamViewer installed.

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