Feature Spotlight Remote Device Monitoring

Remotely Monitor your IT Hardware with Remote Management

With Remote Management, you’ll be able to proactively monitor your IT hardware and receive alerts if something is out of the norm.

See reports in real-time within the TeamViewer Management Console of all your remote device’s information, such as: online state, disk health, CPU usage, memory usage, status of Windows updates, and more.

Stay informed about potential issues with your end-customer’s hardware, and look like a superhero when you know about a problem even before they do.

Feature Details & Supported Products

Remotely Monitor Critical Components

Remote Management let’s you remotely monitor several hardware and software areas, including: disk space, disk health, CPU usage, memory usage, online state, status of anti-virus software, Windows updates status, Windows firewall status, event logs, Windows services running, processes running, and more.

Deployable Through TeamViewer

Deploying Remote Management monitoring on your remote devices is as simple as a single click. Whether through the TeamViewer client or the TeamViewer Management Console, simply select a device in your Computers & Contacts list, and select “Activate Remote Management Monitoring”. It really is that simple.

Integration into the Management Console

Remote Management Monitoring is completely integrated into the TeamViewer Management Console. You’ll be able to see real-time reports on all your monitored devices, look at historical information on each specific device, and export reports.

Receive Instant Alerts and Notifications

Receive instant alerts within the TeamViewer client whenever one of your monitoring thresholds has been crossed. You can also set up email notifications. This way, you’ll know when there’s a potential issue on your customer’s system before even they do.

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