Standard & Enterprise Integration

TeamViewer Integration Partner:


Zendesk offers a powerful customer service and engagement platform that scales to meet the needs of any business
By integrating TeamViewer with Zendesk Support and/or Zendesk Chat, you’ll be able to manage all your support tickets in one place and provide more responsive service.

Create and join remote support sessions directly within Zendesk

Insert session links into Zendesk tickets or chats

Easily switch from chat or support requests to a remote session, reducing wait time and improving satisfaction

Provide Augmented Reality-based remote support and guide easily through problem-solving steps

Download the Solution Brief

Works with TeamViewer Corporate as part of the Standard Integrations Package

Works with TeamViewer Tensor as part of the Enterprise Integrations Package

Feature overview Standard integration* Enterprise integration**
Attended access
(add session invites to ticket/message)
Connection reports
Join sessions from browser
Augmented Reality sessions

* A TeamViewer Corporate license + Standard Integration AddOn is required
** TeamViewer Tensor license + Enterprise Integration AddOn is required. To use Augmented Reality features, a TeamViewer Assist AR license is also required.

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