User Roles define the specific roles Company Administrators can create. User Roles prescribe what TeamViewer (Classic)-related services the user is permitted to view, edit and control. A user can have multiple roles assigned. The permissions that apply to a user are the sum of all permissions from all assigned roles.

User Roles improve your productivity and security by:

  • providing an overview of your user's setup
  • making user permission provisioning easier and reducing the error probability
  • reducing the threat that users have access to functionality they shouldn't have access to

Therefore, we highly recommend creating customized User Roles for your Company Profile.

📌Note: You can create up to 100 user roles.

This article applies to Company Administrators with the permission to Manage administrators and company settings.

Create User Roles

To create User Roles, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Sign in to your Management Console:
  2. Select Role management in the left navigation panel
    • 📌Note: If you click the Role management tab for the first time, an introduction to the user roles will be shown. Read the introduction carefully before heading over to the next step.
  3. Click on Create role button (+ icon).
  4. Enter a name
    • 📌Note: Role names are unique. Please choose a different name for each role.
  5. Optional: Select from the list the users you want to assign the role to.
  6. Click Add, and when you are done with adding users, click Next.
  7. Select the permissions for this role and click Save.
  8. A confirmation window will appear. Confirm the User Role creation by clicking Apply.