The story at a glance

  • With a rich company history dating back to 1851 and complex global operations, Dole stands as one of the largest producers and marketers of fresh fruit worldwide.
  • Dole opted for TeamViewer Tensor, an enterprise remote access and support solution along with RMM to effectively manage its extensive and diverse fleet of IT devices.
  • Dole IT Cyber security professionals continually defend computer systems against different types of cyber threats, it needs efficient and secure IT support and management covering more than 5,000 devices globally, including networks, servers and end user devices like mobile phones.
  • The IT department and management team benefited from the ease of use, single platform, and remote capabilities, improving operational efficiency by 82%.
  • As Dole moves ahead in its digital transformation journey, TeamViewer helps Dole to support complex IT infrastructure, and future-proof with scalability potential.


Dole’s IT department faces the challenge of efficiently and securely managing a complex IT infrastructure with over 5,000 devices across different regions, hindering their ability to provide timely support, prompting them to seek a technology partner for a unified platform to align with their digital transformation goals.


The primary challenge faced by Dole’s IT department is the efficient and secure management of over 5,000 devices located across different geographical regions. Due to the company’s extensive history, its IT infrastructure is complex, encompassing diverse networks, servers, and systems with varying levels of sophistication throughout the organization.

Staying abreast of multiple platforms and systems presents a significant difficulty for the IT department at Dole, impeding their ability to provide timely IT support and management necessary for the smooth functioning of the company. Dole also used multiple solutions for accessing and managing its heterogenous IT landscape, which leads to significant effort for license management, costs, and security patching.

In order to align with the company’s digital transformation goals and prepare for an increasingly digitalized operational landscape, the IT department was embarking on a journey to find a technology partner capable of addressing these challenges through a unified platform.

Andy Ng IT Director at Dole Asia Holdings

“TeamViewer Tensor has transformed our IT management. It provides a seamless and scalable platform that perfectly aligns with our needs, enabling us to efficiently manage our complex infrastructure while ensuring fast and reliable remote support for our teams across different regions.”


Dole first turned to TeamViewer intending to use it solely as a remote connectivity solution, given its existing usage in various departments. However, upon evaluating TeamViewer Tensor, the team quickly realized that it perfectly matched their requirements for a unified solution and promptly initiated a proof of concept (POC). The POC yielded successful results, leading to the rapid scaling of the solution to hundreds of devices within a month.

During the POC, the team also recognized the value of TeamViewer RMM (Remote Monitoring and Management), which offers a unified dashboard for viewing devices and assets. This feature proved immensely valuable for Dole, given the complexity of its enterprise and the challenges it faced in gaining a comprehensive overview of its asset infrastructure’s health.

With the implementation of TeamViewer Tensor, Dole’s IT team can now deliver rapid and dependable remote support and troubleshooting to regional teams. Additionally, the integration of RMM allows the IT team to effectively manage and monitor all their assets, including servers and networks, with the added capabilities of patch management and software deployment at scale.

Considering the rising number of cyber-attacks, security remains a top priority for IT departments, including Dole’s. TeamViewer Tensor offers one of the highest levels of security, incorporating market-leading sophisticated back-end architectures, advanced encryption methods and two-factor authentication. These robust security features ensure that Dole’s cybersecurity remains uncompromised.


The IT department from Dole quickly saw benefits from adopting TeamViewer’s solution. Firstly, it enhances efficiency by streamlining the management of Dole’s IT infrastructure, resulting in considerable time and resource savings. With a centralized platform for IT management, it facilitates a more streamlined workflow, improving operational efficiency by 82%.

Andy Ng from Dole Asia Holdings added, “TeamViewer Tensor has become invaluable in our Dole IT environment. It ensures compliance with our IT Security Policies.”

Moreover, TeamViewer Tensor bolstered security by offering a centralized platform for access management to Dole’s IT infrastructure. This ensures a higher level of control and oversight, allowing for better monitoring and enforcement of security protocols. The implementation of robust security features, such as monitoring network for threats and multi-factor authentication, further bolsters the overall security posture.

Dole is also looking into scaling TeamViewer’s solution as part of its future readiness and digital transformation journey. Recognizing the value and effectiveness of the implemented solution, Dole has made the strategic decision to expand its deployment across the organization.

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