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Chat Options Let You Communicate Effectively From Anywhere, at Any Time

Communication is the key to success in most instances. Whether collaborating on a project, providing great tech support, or ensuring IT systems are maintained, chat can help you get the job done quickly and easily.

Chat with your teammates or clients from all around the world via chat, video, screen sharing, and more all initiated through the TeamViewer™ or TeamViewer Meeting chat window. Whether you’re using a cell phone, laptop, or tablet, your information is secure through encryption.

TeamViewer provides a number of secure chat instances and options so you can choose the right communication tool at the right time. Whether you need to message a customer about their service case or update an entire team at once, the appropriate chat option is accessible from your desktop or mobile device.

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Secure, Flexible Instant Messaging

Initiate chat conversations with one click from your Computers and Contact list or within service cases whether recipients are online or offline. Customers also have the ability to send messages outside of cases through the QuickSupport app. Since TeamViewer chats are encrypted end-to-end, all parties can feel comfortable knowing their information is safe.

Some chats or video conferences must discuss sensitive information. Sharing private data, personal information, or confidential files doesn’t have to be stressful. Don’t worry about meeting in-person. With TeamViewer, your information is safe.

Group Chats and Team Meetings

Choose up to 25 contacts for one-time messages or set up a persistent chat room to stay in constant communication with the same group members. You have the ability to rename persistent chat groups for easy identification. Group chat is also built into TeamViewer Meeting conferencing for up to 300 participants at the same time.

Offline members will see messages when they log back in and all members have access to the complete chat history for future reference. Need a better connection? You can also share your screen, transfer files, initiate video chats, and more.

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