User groups and roles

Automate user life cycle management to save time and effort

User groups and roles enable IT organizations to ensure the right roles and permissions are assigned to the right end users and administrator groups, securely and efficiently. This allows large scale IT groups, departments, and organizations distributed across geographies and time zones to manage and support their distributed workforce easily.

Centrally manage the entire user life cycle and automate recurring tasks such as creating users for initial company onboarding, moving users to different groups as roles and permissions change, and deleting users for effective offboarding.

With built-in automated features and bulk editing capabilities, user groups and roles help eliminate repetitive, manual end user management tasks. This saves time and effort, especially for resource-constrained IT departments handling large-scale deployments on a daily basis.


Feature highlights

  • Automate user life cycle management for creating, updating, and deleting users
  • Organize users into groups for easier administration
  • Move users between groups for role or department changes
  • Apply bulk changes to different users and user groups at once
  • Create your own custom user roles, improving flexibility and standardizing permission sets based on your unique needs and requirements


Use cases

  • Large IT teams: Make sure team members have the permissions they need
  • User life cycle management: Streamline access provisioning within a constantly evolving workforce

Key benefits

  • Centralize

    Control user access and permissions from a single location.

  • Standardize

    Efficiently manage user provisioning throughout the user lifecycle.

  • Streamline

    Adjust user access and permissions for groups of users at a time.

  • Flexibility

    Customize user roles to meet the requirements of your organization.

Frequently asked questions

Administering users can be a time-consuming task for large IT organizations that have to manage users across several departments and locations. Moving users between departments or deactivating users when they leave the company further increases complexity and effort which is where user groups and roles come into play.

System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM) allows company administrators to automate the process of creating, updating, and deleting user accounts across different platforms. Company administrators can provision TeamViewer Tensor effortlessly to existing user profiles in the SCIM system.

Company administrators can organize large sets of users into groups for easy administration. Easily move users between departments when they change roles within the organization. Change and apply settings in bulk, should certain departments need more permissions than others.

Manual administration of users is not available in the Management Console. The idea is to reduce time and effort managing users through existing SCIM-type systems.

There are currently three pre-defined user roles available in TeamViewer Tensor – company administrator, user administrator, and member.

Currently, all TeamViewer Tensor licenses (Basic, Pro, Unlimited) enable you to integrate identity providers and automate user lifecycle management within your organization.

Feature spotlights

TeamViewer Tensor enables enterprises to leverage the power of remote connectivity for managing and securing their device infrastructure – in both IT and OT environments.

In addition to indispensable remote access and support features, TeamViewer Tensor offers a set of features that is designed specifically to meet the needs of large organizations with greater security, compliance, and administrative requirements.

Why TeamViewer Tensor

360° security for your enterprise

Tensor is built with enterprise-grade security in mind to give you full control over every incoming and outgoing connection.

Even wider remote device support

Tensor allows remote support across all user scenarios and device types to ensure all your enterprise devices are covered.

Scale as your business expands

As your business grows, Tensor is ready to grow with you. Scale up by providing support from mobile devices to traditional PCs to IoT devices.

Governance and compliance

TeamViewer Tensor provides you with a 360° auditing and logging functionality, so you can track all activity performed on any device. This helps protect you from abusive claims and makes your business more compliant.

Classical IT and extended OT use cases

Companies that have a large digital footprint can leverage TeamViewer Tensor for both their classical IT support needs and emerging OT support for embedded devices.

Simplify and make your support experiences intuitive

Instantly add remote support and remote access capabilities to any enterprise ITSM application with the TeamViewer Integration Suite.