Add and edit custom attributes to devices in the TeamViewer (Classic) Management Console and via the Computers & Contacts list.

All custom attributes and the entered device information are fully encrypted.

This article applies to TeamViewer (Classic) customers with a Premium, Corporate or Enterprise/Tensor subscription plan.

How to manage custom device information

As company administrator

As a company administrator, you can create and edit custom device attribute names (e.g. operating system, location, department, etc.) in the Management Console.

To access it, log into your Management Console, select Company administration and click on Custom Device information, as described below:

📌Note: Currently, it is not possible to delete set custom attributes.

In the TeamViewer (Classic) user interface, the custom attributes will be provided and visible for the devices of a company member in the details view of the Computer & Contact list. 

As company member

As a company member, you can see the provided device attributes in the details view of the Computers & Contacts list

The attribute names are visible for devices (not for contacts)

As a company member, you can insert and edit custom values for a device attribute (e.g. Windows for the operating system) in the Computer & Contacts list.

You can only see and edit the custom device information of your own devices in shared groups. You can not see custom device information of groups shared with you.

License Restrictions

Your license plan defines the number of device attributes you can create per device

Subscription plan Available custom device information fields