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Remotely Wake, Restart, and Install Applications on Sleeping Devices

Whether you’re using TeamViewer™ to access your own device or if you’re an IT professional trying to provide support, being able to remotely access a sleeping device in another location is essential.

If you’ve ever needed access to a sleeping device to grab a file, install an update, or fix an underlying IT issue, you know that remote access must be able to wake and restart the sleeping device.

With TeamViewer, you can install updates or applications, restart the computer, or simply access the files you need to transfer. It’s all possible with our innovative technology.

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With TeamViewer, waking up another computer within your local network is simple. If you have the permissions, you’ll have access to all of the device capabilities as if you were physically there using it.

Not in the same network? As long as you have a router and the permissions necessary to access the device, you’re good to go.

Remote Restart

Sometimes you need to restart a remote computer to fix the IT issue at hand. The problem? It may not be awake. If you need to access this functionality remotely, you can use TeamViewer to restart the remote computer with an automatic subsequent connection – even if it’s in safe mode.

Remote Update and Install

Need to install an application on a remote device? You’ll need special permissions. However, to install or update TeamViewer on a remote device, you’ll simply need to access TeamViewer QuickSupport.

Install TeamViewer or TeamViewer Host on the remote device and you’re set to explore and fix the IT issues at hand.

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