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TeamViewer acquires Upskill, the US-based pioneer in augmented reality (AR) software for frontline workers to strengthen its position as the number one global player in providing industry-specific AR solutions in a huge and rapidly growing market.

Upskill’s digital workflow solutions support workers especially in industrial manufacturing, inspection, and audit use cases through real-time interfaces with smart-glasses and handheld mobile devices. Together, TeamViewer and Upskill want to shape the future of work, enable frontline workers and enhance industrial processes through technology.

Upskill perfectly complements the Teamviewer customer base with use cases in industries such as aerospace, pharma & life sciences, insurance & claims management and retail. This adds to TeamViewer’s goal of enabling digital transformation in all industries, for companies of all sizes in all parts of the value-chain.

Supercharge your workforce

Upskill’s software also enhances frontline work and runs on smart glasses and handheld mobile devices like the TeamViewer Frontline solutions, brought in recently by Ubimax. However, the focus of the two solutions differs.

While Frontline is often used in logistics and after-sales service, a large portion of Upskill customers use their AR solution in manufacturing, retail vision picking, inspection, and audit processes. Historically, Upskill and Ubimax have supported customers in complementary industries. TeamViewer can now offer the most comprehensive AR solution and is able to serve even more customers in more verticals.

Going forward TeamViewer will integrate the Upskill, Frontline and TeamViewer Pilot and IoT solutions, and create even more industry-specific packages for endless use cases in all verticals.

See how to enhance your operations with Augmented Reality

Upskill has delivered high quality solutions in complex assembly, wire harness manufacturing, airfield maintenance, and more to some of the top aerospace companies, including Boeing.

Through innovative augmented reality software for frontline workers you can improve quality, get better insights into your production operations and higher throughput.

About Upskill

Upskill is a market leader in augmented reality (AR) solutions for the industrial workforce. Named a Gartner Cool Vendor, IDC Innovator and World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer, Upskill is trusted by some of the world’s most well-known companies, including The Boeing Company, Merck KGaA and American Bureau of Shipping. Upskill’s mission is to improve the way the world works and has been pioneering the use of wearable technology at work since 2010.

Brian Ballard

We are very excited to join TeamViewer and to further shape the future of work. Combining with their strong sales and marketing capabilities and integrating with their AR and IoT solutions, we will reinforce our mission to upskill frontline workers and to enhance industrial processes through technology. Our existing customers will benefit from an accelerated product development roadmap, global reach, and additional solutions and features within the TeamViewer portfolio.

Oliver Steil

Joining forces with Upskill is expanding our footprint in the space of vertical augmented reality solutions in our largest market, the US. I am happy to welcome the Upskill team that adds significant technical and solution delivery know-how to our US organization. Our joint AR teams now represent the world’s most experienced workforce in deploying wearable computing technology to the shop floor. By acquiring Upskill, we strengthen our capabilities in enabling digital transformation across all verticals and parts of the value-chain. The enterprise AR market is huge and growing rapidly, and we are perfectly positioned to tap that potential.

Perfect Addition to TeamViewer’s Portfolio

With Upskill’s strong presence on the North American continent, an engineering hub in Austin, TX, and reputable blue-chip customers such as The Boeing Company, Merck KGaA and American Bureau of Shipping, TeamViewer strengthens its position as the number one global player in providing industry-specific AR solutions. The company had started to strategically invest in that space in 2020 with the successful acquisition of European wearable software leader Ubimax, serving global champions like DHL, Siemens and Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company.

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